You / but rather I will show you. I

are here, and both your dad and I are madly passionate and nervous to meet you
after nine months of pregnancy./ From the instant I knew that you were growing
inside me I realized that I will love you more than I ever thought achievable,
I knew that I want you with all my heart and I knew that you will be the most
amazing thing I would have the chance to have a hand on giving life to./ Now as
you are here, I get to touch your smooth skin, to hold you in my arms and look
into your beautiful eyes. I cannot wait to hug you and teach you songs and games,
to strengthen you and tell you that you are the most fascinating person in this
universe. From now on, I will be there for your diaper change and for all your
downs before your ups. I will be there when you say your first word (even if
it is daddy), for your first step and also for the screaming when you do
not like the color of your pajama./ You are so small but I know that you will
teach me so much about being mom and about all aspects of life before I teach
you. I used to be always in a rush to get what I want in life but you have taught
me how to be patient by waiting for you nine months and you taught me how to
love and care thoroughly. I promise you that from now on I will see the world
through your beautiful eyes and I will explore the world with you from the
nominal things like playing on sand to the massive events when your graduation
and wedding day comes.

   I will not tell you that you should catch
your dreams and I will not tell you that you can be or do anything you want / but
rather I will show you. I will set the right example for you by reaching my
own dreams and goals as I know that the children will become what they see
their parents doing as they took them as a role model. I am saying those worlds
as I have believed in them deeply from a young age where I setup my mind
to reach my goals and I determined to break the ceilings that our
eastern society have set to limit all the girls in our region. I will raise you
the same way I have been raised / as a feminist were my parents did not
differentiate between me and my brother as they have bought for us the same
toys and I played with his cars the same way the he played with my Barbies. Not
only that, but when it used to come for household work we used to help each
other in washing the dishes and on mowing the lawn. At the time I have finished
my high school studies I had to decide on choosing a major and guess what my
girl? I chose something that was entirely defined as a men’s type of work
in our society. Your mother became a   / Petroleum
Engineer; she succeeded although all the people tried to put ceilings and
limits for her dreams. You gave me the determination to take control of my life
and whenever life get harsh I will remember that you are watching my steps
and you will remember me that I should set the right example for you.

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   Growing up, I was not in a rush to be a mom
because I knew deeply inside that I should either be the best mom or I do not
deserve to be. I wanted to have an enlightened mind before I have you. I read
as many self-empowering and developing books as I can so I do not miss in any
detail while raising you and I took public speaking course in the university to
be able to stand here today and tell you my words without fears but I will not
lie to you at the beginning of the course I was not familiar with this skill
and throughout the semester my confidence started to improve until I become
comfortable in delivering speeches./ I wanted to be totally ready emotionally,
financially and mentally in order to be able to have the best journey with you.
I wanted to have control over my life as I did not want to live or let you live
as a victim of the circumstances but rather I wanted to be in control
of everything around me so I will not regret anything after having you.

   / But above all, I will make sure to teach
you that the true meaning of happiness is in the little and simple
things in life and to let you know that life is about making memories, about
the people you love and about the people that loves you back. The joy of
life is about the details of the journey and not on the materialistic things. /
My girl, from the very beginning I want you to know to worry less about
fitting into glass slippers as the society will tell you but rather I want
you to be so powerful and strong that you shatter the glass ceilings of your
fears or any backward you may encounter in your life. No words are enough
to describe my happiness on this day and you are so much more than I can
express but I am sure that my love for you will increase more and more everyday
while I see you growing.  I know that you
are too little to understand my words but I hope that when you read this one
day that some part of you will feel a special bond with every single word I
wrote. So welcome to life on earth and welcome on your family beautiful angel. Always
remember that you are the meaning of my life and you are the truest love for
your mommy.