Yes, It’s always been the same follow up modules,

Yes, when it comes to offline/online marketing, then it has
no specific advanced marketing strategy to follow. It’s always been the same
follow up modules, but with new tools in the market. Back in those business
days there was no Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Emailing stuff but
still marketing was strong.

Those days the basic tools used to be Yellow books, Television Channels,
Telephones, Radio Channels, Posters, Brochures, Business Cards, Calendars, Post
Mailing, and Stickers, etc. Nowadays additionally added as new tools so called
Facebook, Twitter, YouTube Instagram, E-mailing, Web sites and so on.

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If this new tools makes you feel that you got the advanced
tools, then it’s absolutely wrong in a sense that the marketing strategy still
remains the same. And old fashioned marketing has very good connection with new
fashioned marketing ways.

Old fashioned marketing tools are still alive very strongly, but here you can
see how they are connected to new trends with user friendly technologies.

*Television Channels – YouTube Channels
*Telephones (Telemarketing) – Mobile Phones (Voice Recorded Marketing, SMS
*Radio Channels – Podcasts
*Newspapers – Blog sites
*Post Mailing – Emailing
*Offline Business – Online Business (Websites)
*Business Cards/Postcards/Banners/Stickers/Greeting Cards – Facebook, Twitter,
Instagram has it all with more useful tools to keep the connections strong in every
single way.

Marketing is the backbones of your business to stand out from the crowd to say
what you have for the people and why should they buy from you. There are few
things we should keep in mind when we’re advertising, selling our products and
providing the services.

Get Highlighted to Make Some Benefits

It matters that how would you like to highlight yourself in the market.
There are three old fashioned way to do that.
*Cost (Learn to set the product price by comparing to your competitors).
* Quality (Focus on quality and tell them you’re the best of the bests).
* Combination of A & B (Make sure that it you’ve created the outstanding
valuable offer).

We all say that we have the best product, service, but this isn’t highlighting
your marketing skills unless you follow up above basic strategy to give a life
to your product by giving some proper features.
This sort of features creates a great value to customers and it is the first
key to make some benefits.

Always Listen to Your Customers

Businesses who forgot to listen to their customers actually forgot to set
their goals. If you spend money and hire people to do sell your product this
can be done and one day you start to get some sales. First sale, thousands
sold, excitements going on in your mind. But somehow you forgot that some
customer might not be happy much by receiving your product. Now they come to
your store or emailed you and want to return your item.
In this case, how do we treat them?
*Greet with positive attitude and prepare yourself to listen.
*Get specific reason for not liking the product.
*Ask how you can improve the product.
*Give and take suggestions to solve the issue.
*Keep the mutual respects.

Remember, if you’re planning to sell products to people, then you should listen
to them at first page to improve your products, features, services and so on.

Run Campaigns Before Product Is Ready.

Some businesses wait till the product is ready and perfect. But the best
marketing strategy to announce to the market something is coming soon and it is
valuable and useful. Because you cannot expect to sale when the product is
ready. So it is better to run campaigns for awareness.

Time to See Inside & Outside the

At the very beginning, it’s clearly mentioned about the connections between Old
Fashioned and New Fashioned tools and their connections. It’s you, who know
your product or service better than anyone.
So it will be you to decide how to reach to your targeted audience through old
or new tools. People often forget to do little research or study about their
product, but you won’t do it, right? If “YES” then GOOD LUCK!

Test Fast – Fail First.

Test fast to fail fast. And it is necessary before you loss huge amount of
A minimal marketing campaigns or any advertisement would help you figure in
which seasonal product is yours and what is the right time to present the
buffet to people. By following this will allow you to understand what sort of
marketing channels useful and which to avoid. DO NOT spend all in just one
product. Run a fast test to see what’s best.

Advertise from Multiple Platforms.

As mentioned above, you should try every marketing channel. The only reason you
should try multiple platforms is to gain trust. How? Let’s say, your product
advertised in Radio, Facebook, Instagram, Television and on the street banners,
then this will make customers feel more trust worthy. Additionally, they will
get to understand YOU ARE REACHABLE to get the product or the services.

Build Credibility.

Build Credibility If you have a friend or good connections with Mashable or The
Wall Street Journal and they features a Quote of your CEO or any position
holder. People see it; they made purchases from this brand. This PR would
endorse your company to build the credibility. A lot more to say, but above
exchanges will give you the access to do Black & White business deals with
your targeted audiences.