Writing people, become closer with preexisting friends andlearn how

Writing is a big part of my life and many others lives. Being literate allows you expressyourself, be creative and explore your imagination. Often times the success of a person isdetermined by the ability one has to write. Writing just isn’t used in one or two subjects. Writingis used in all parts of daily life. Writing, in my opinion is one of the many great things created byhumans. Without writing we wouldn’t be able to express ourselves without the need to deliverspeeches every time we have a thought, this way of transferring ideas would be especiallydifficult for people who have difficulty with verbal communication. The dreary thought of aworld without writing further solidifies the importance of that form of communicating ideas.Inquiry is important to AVID because higher level questioning is fundamental to yoursuccess in life. Questioning allows you get a better understanding of the world around you, infact, all discoveries originate with one original question. Students become more aware of theirown thinking process by asking more advanced questions according to AVID.org.Collaboration is important due to the fact that collaborating with others builds yourconfidence and allows you to achieve greater goals previously not possible alone. Collaborationalso lets you make acquaintance with new people, become closer with preexisting friends andlearn how to be productive within a group situation. Working with others in AVID also helpsyou prepare for the various things you must do in colleges such as study groups and projects thatrequire group work.Organization is important to AVID because being tidy allows you to better keep track ofyour thoughts and in turn prepare for tasks. Also being organized helps you better find thecommodities necessary for school and simply makes your work more appealing to the eyes.Being organized is typically more optimal than being disorganized and mess