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Within three years, I plan on improving my communication skills by everyday continuous practice. Communication skills will improve my presentations and assist me in attaining the position of manager at my company. Also, within the same period, I will have achieved my second degree in statistics. This will improve my skills and assist in gaining a promotion at work. I also intend on creating my website three years from now. It will be my professional website where I can market my efforts and works to the world. This will help me tremendously in increasing my professional network.

Critical Thinking Skills

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            Critical thinking skills are a set of skills developed from profound analysis of a subject and then forming a diligent judgment on its results. These skills are quite important when it comes to time management in a workplace. When the workers observe time management, there are benefits that are felt by the company. One, through effective time management, a worker is able to set goals and achieve them on time or even before their deadlines. Example, Mary, who works at Apple gets to complete her software projects on time because she prioritizes them on her calendar. Also, with time management comes efficiency at work. Through the conscious fact of what to do at that particular time, an employee can keep track of the time and how to use it. This is a method commonly used by top achieving companies to be able to increase their production: prioritizing. A firm like Google is well known for this. Procrastination is eliminated through time management. An employee may not find the time to think about other priorities when occupied with goals and objectives. Example, Victor was well known as the office clown for his lack of effectiveness and always putting away his responsibilities for later until he decided to stop procrastinated. He was named employee of the month last month. Lack of use of time management affects the employee in the opposite manner. The employee might experience inefficient workflow where at-one-moment productivity may be high while in another it may be low like in the case of Clare who is never committed to her tasks, working well one day and then sluggish on the other.

Attitude, Personality, and Goal Setting

            These are very important factors to an employee especially if used correctly. Poor attitude, personality, and goal setting habits drive ambition away. They lack the push that all people need to achieve their goals. An example is of Peter who just got laid of from work because of always complaining and never completing his tasks. He also had a terrible attitude toward the job by always talking negative about the company. If used in a proper manner however, the positive attitude, personality and proper goal setting get more work done benefitting the whole company in general. Example, Carol, a colleague of Peter just got promoted. She is always happy to be at work, taking more projects and completing them effectively and on time. She even used to complete most of Peter’s projects even while she still had her own. The uses of these skills keep the workers motivated to do more. In the same firm, a manger kept the workers motivated by creating attainable goals for the employees and encouraging them every time they completed their tasks while maintaining a friendly, approachable attitude at work. This helped the company’s production double over a period of four months. The employees reported more satisfaction through positive attitudes, improved personalities and proper goal setting. We are a goal-oriented species. This saw lateness to work reduce tremendously while happiness increased.