With in many groups for various presentations during my

With my attached CV; I am
writing to apply for the Medical Laboratory Assistant (MLA) role in the Clinical
Biochemistry and Haematology Department at the Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation
Trust, as promoted through the NHS jobs website- https://www.jobs.nhs.uk/. I have recently graduated
from De Montfort University with a good 2:1 result in BSc Biomedical Science degree.

for the NHS Foundation trust would be a great honour as it’s a health service,
accessed by many, that is used to help save lives in which as a potential Candidate
for the Medical Laboratory Assistant role would make me a contributing beneficial
member in order to support the improvement of patient C.A.R.E.

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I have a
wide range of Laboratory skill sets and a strong biology/chemistry knowledge
background attained through various work experiences during my University
Degree and placements across the country in which authenticate my qualification
for the MLA role. During my work experience I have developed outstanding hand dexterity
with a good attention to detail in dealing with the patient specimen and
loading/off -loading samples onto automated/manual machinery; following the Standard
Operating Procedures (SOPs), under supervision as required- used in the
Haematology/Clinical Biochemistry NHS accredited laboratory. During my
microbiology module I have learnt how to deal with Infection control. Along
with the ability to analyse patient blood samples and document results for
medical records using my IT skills in the Microsoft package.

worked in many groups for various presentations during my University degree in
the professional skills module; I have developed good effective communication
and writing skills with a dynamic group attained through various work experience in which,
I could present information in a clear concise manner to the senior biomedical
scientist making an excellent team member.  In addition to being competent with First Aid training
and following the COSHH and local rules. Along with carrying out risk assessment
and report potential risks which will ensure safety in the work environment.  

the outlined skill sets and biomedical science knowledge, background meet your specifications
for the Medical laboratory Assistant role at Royal Berkshire Hospital.
Thank you for your time taken to read through my application form and I am
looking forward to hearing your response soon.

If any more information or qualification documentation is required
please, contact me anytime through my email addresses.