Why us safe and alive. Hacking is not only

Why good hackers make
good citizen

Many individuals when hearing the
word hacker automatically simulates the thought of a person who is out to do
harm or cause mischiefs upon one’s personal life through technology and such.
But have you ever thought about the positive outlook of them instead of stereotyping
them for how the media had portrayed them through our lives. Movies, tv shows
and our world wide web has fed us the thought of these known to be hackers to
be bad and for us to be afraid of.

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For every hacker that is trying to
steal your identity, there is another hacker who is out there creating a tool
to help you find a love one after a disaster or to monitor the environment to
keep us safe and alive. Hacking is not only bad, it also has good in it also.
Not all bad guys are bad, and not all good guys are good. Hacking is more than
just stealing someone’s identity, it takes skills and critical thinking to
solve these problems or to find a backdoor to the problem at hand.

 Some of the biggest hacks are what made America
what it is today. The underground railroad was one of the most brilliant hacks.
Hacking doesn’t just end with technology; Civic hacking is also another form of
hacking. Civic hacking is a community of individuals that come together to
create, build, or resolve problems within a community. Take Benjamin franklin
for example. He was one of the most prolific invertors that never filed a patent
because he believed that all human knowledge should be freely available. Upon
bringing us the lighting rod and the invention of the American Democracy. He
believed that the government could be built by the people.

Also remember that these hackers
are also human. When hearing the work hacker don’t be too quick to judge. Get
to know a little about them and what kind of hacks they’re doing. See the
Benjamin franklin in them; for he was one of the world’s greatest hacker. Because
you may never know, their hacks may just one day benefit you and others around
you in your everyday lives.