Whether a strip of squid or fresh squid heads

Whether it’s beach fishing for fun to bring home a fish to eat or for competition, there will always be a beach fishing bait that will work for you. There are many beach fishing baits available, but what is the best beach fishing bait for you? It actually depends on your fishing needs. Best Beach Fishing Bait For FunEither you’re beach fishing for fun or to bring home fish for dinner, there are ideal baits to use for every purpose. Beach fishing for fun is for the laid-back anglers who love to go to the beach, cast their line, sit back and get a lot of fish. It may take a long time before you can catch a fish, but it’s always worth the wait. Live or fresh shrimp is the first on the list. Shrimp stays on the hook better just be sure to remove some of the hard outer covering. It is also good for anglers who are just starting to learn how to fish.Sand Fleas are ideal if you want something convenient and free. Sand Fleas are  easy to find on the beach and a favourite meal of fish. However, they’re not always available at the beach, they are picked-off and die easily.Fish bites are for you if you don’t like a frozen bait. They come in a variety of scents and flavours. They give you toughness and can stand the hook pretty well. If you want convenience and you don’t want a bait that’ll perish, it is a good idea to give it a shot.Best Beach Fishing Bait For CompetitionBeach fishing was a major land-based saltwater fishing contest back in the days, and there were several anglers that joined every competition. If you’re into intensive beach fishing or you have a specific target fish, there are ideal baits for every target species.Some of the most common baits for beach fishing are Pilchards, garfish, whitebait, and sandworm. However, bigger fish requires big baits like fish heads and squid heads.Fresh fillets of Salmon or trevally, a strip of squid or fresh squid heads are most preferred baits if you are targeting a Mulloway. In catching a shark, take note that they are less particular with their diet, so using oily fish such as salmon and mackerel are some of your best option.Fresh baits spoil easily, so make sure to check fresh baits frequently after 10 to 15 mins of surf the bait, and renew baits regularly if needed.