When understand what exactly is happening and when specific

When having a baby a lot goes
on inside the uterus of the mother but most don’t understand what exactly is
happening and when specific things of the fetus start to grow. Each week for
the fetus is very important because he or she starts to develop new body parts
and organs. Its always fun to know the
exact size of the fetus as well because one can compare it to objects in the
real world and be able to get a real visual of their child. Every trimester is
an important one because if any of the weeks are skipped then the fetus/baby
might have a growth defect of any kind. Knowing the proper information of what
is exactly happening each week can help the mother know when to start to expect
certain reactions of her baby.

First Trimester

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            The first trimester is when the baby does a lot of its
crucial growing, starting with fertilization at week 2. The female’s egg is
fertilized about 12 to 24 hours after the sperm penetrates it; this is a simple
biological occurrence that occurs after the process of a new human life begins.
If everything goes well with the fertilized egg then it will start to divide
into multiple cells as it travels down the
fallopian tube, enters the female uterus and starts to burrow in the
uterine lining. Week 3 is the implantation of the fertilized egg into the
nutrient lining of the female uterus. The fetus is just a microscopic ball of
hundreds of rapidly multiplying cells that will eventually develop into more of
a baby form. This ball of cells is called a
blastocyst; this tells the body to start to produce the pregnancy
hormone hCG, which tells ones body to stop releasing eggs. The balls of cells
have officially become an embryo in week 4. This is the time when a female will
have their last period and when one can get a positive sign in an at home
pregnancy test. The baby is about the size of a poppy seed. In week 5 the baby
looks like a tadpole more then it does a human. This is when the circulatory
system is beginning to form, and the baby’s tiny heart will start to form. The baby is about the size of a sesame seed.
During week 6 the baby will have its nose, mouth and ears will start to form
and take shape. The intestines and the brain are also starting to develop. At
week 6 the baby is about the size of a lentil. Around week 7 the baby has doubled
in size since week 6 but it still has a tail, which will soon disappear. The
baby’s hands and feet are just barely developing from the arm and legs, they
look more like paddles. The baby is the size of
a blueberry. In week 8 the baby has started to move around, though the
mom wont feel the movement just yet. The baby’s nerve cells are starting to
form around the fetus, which is causing the primitive neural pathways. The
baby’s breathing tubes are now starting to extend through its throat and
develop lungs and its breathing ways. The baby is now the size of a kidney
bean. Around week 9 the baby’s basic physiology is basically all in place and
the baby eve has little ear lobes now. The embryonic tail has disappeared, and
it has gained about an ounce of weight. The baby is now the size of a grape. At
11 weeks the baby is basically fully formed, it is kicking and stretching. As
the baby’s diaphragm develops, it also starts to hiccup. The mom can still not
feel anything yet, but the baby is the size of a fig. Week 12 means the baby’s
reflexes have kicked in and soon its fingers and toes will be able to separate
and open and close. The toes on the baby will start to be able to curl and its
mouth will make sucking movements. At this time the mom will be able to start
to feel the baby move, it is about the size of a lime. In week 13 this is the
last week of the first trimester. This is when the baby’s fingers have
fingerprints, the organs are visible through the skin and if it is a girl then
her ovaries have at least 2 million eggs.

Second Trimester

            In the
second trimester, which is week 14, the baby starts to have brain impulses and
is starting to use its facial muscles. The baby’s kidneys start working. If the
mom has an ultra sound, this is when one might see the baby sucking its thumb.
In week 15 the baby still keeps its eyelids shut but the baby can sense light,
if the mom shines a light on her belly the baby will move away from the light.
This is when the mom will be able to tell the sex of the baby. The baby is now
the size of an apple. Around week 16 this is when the baby’s patterns on the
scalp start to form, but the hair isn’t visible yet. The baby’s legs are more
developed, so this is when the mom will really feel the baby kick. Now the baby
is the size of an avocado. At 17 weeks the baby has full movement now and can
move its joints and skeleton. This is when the hardening of the bones start and
the umbilical cord is growing stronger. Week 18 is the baby flexing its arms
and legs, which means the mom can feel the baby. Internally, the baby is
growing the coating of the myelin and forming nerves. Now the baby is the size
of a bell pepper. In week 19 the baby’s senses are developing and may be able
to hear the mom talk or sing. During week 20 the baby’s digestive system is
producing meconium, which is the dark goo that the baby passes in its first
poop. The baby is now the size of a banana. In weeks 21, 22 and 23 the baby’s
movement has gone from flutters to full on kicks and jabs. The baby also has
more features of a miniature newborn; the lips and eyebrows are more
noticeable. Weeks 24 and 25 are all about the baby putting on weight; its
wrinkly skin starts to fill out with baby fat. During week 26 the baby is
starting to inhale and exhale amniotic fluid, which helps develop the lungs for
the first breathe of air during birth. Week 27 is the last week of the second trimester;
the baby now sleeps and wakes on a regular schedule. The baby has a fully
functioning brain but the lungs aren’t completely formed yet. Now the baby is
the size of a head of cauliflower.

Third Trimester

             Entering the third
trimester starts with week 28; the baby’s eyesight is developing. In week 29
and 30 is when the baby’s muscles are getting ready to function. In week 31 the
baby can now turn its head and a protective layer of fat has formed under the
skin filling out the arms and legs. The mom is most likely gaining a pound a
week during week 32 because most of the weight goes straight to the baby. In
week 33 the baby is now the size of a pineapple. At 34 weeks the baby’s central
nervous system is maturing, as are the lungs. Week 35 the baby’s kidneys have
fully developed and its liver are ready to process waste products. In week 36
the baby is gaining about an ounce a week. The baby is also losing the fine
that covered the body along with the vernix casosa, which is a waxy substance
that was protecting the skin. In week 37 the baby will full develop its brain
and lungs getting ready for the outside world. In week 38 the baby is the size
of a leek and its irises are not fully pigmented yet. Week 39 is the last week
of the third trimester, and the baby’s development is complete and just putting
on fat until birth.


            Having a baby is very stressful on the mother’s body and
the baby’s as well because he or she is growing new body parts or organs every
week. Each week is a curtail week for the fetus and needs to be taken care of
properly but knowing exactly what is growing during what times is a good thing
to know because then the mother knows what to expect.