When gravity in which light could be explained as

When dimensions are mentioned we tend to think of portals through
other worlds, which will be only achievable in the future due to our limited
knowledge and use of the universe. But that is not true, in fact observation on
dimensions could lead us to the “Hyperspace” theory, which may be able to unify
all known laws of nature into one theory, the unification of all known physical
forces “the theory of everything”. But before getting to that, there is a need
for mastering the dimensions that we live in, and its characteristics. As we
are experimenting and measuring our way within our dimensions we reach a limit
which stops from going forward, higher dimensions, from this point on we can
only rely on math and our predications. Since we are prisoners of the third
dimension, and our minds are unable to imagine anything higher.


One physicist who delights in teasing audiences about the
properties of higher dimensional universe is Peter Freund, a professor of
theoretical physics at University of Chicago’s renowned Enrico Fermi Institute.
Freund states one of the reasons that higher dimensions were viewed skeptically
was that there was no way of measuring them and they also had no particular
use. But today scientists call our three-dimensional world too small to
describe the forces that govern our universe. For centuries, scientists
wondered why the four fundamental forces of nature are so different from each
other. Freund emphasizes that the laws of nature become simpler and more
elegant when expressed in higher dimensions, which is their natural home. Take
Electromagnetism for example, it includes electricity, magnetism, light itself,
compared to another fundamental force like gravity which is quite different,
but they are both necessary for our universe to exist, so there must be a
relation between. Hyperspace was proposed a as new theory of gravity in which
light could be explained as vibration in the fifth dimension. “Superstring theory”
took this even further, it predicts a precise number of dimensions for space
and time. Ten, this gives us the advantage to have enough room for all four
fundamental forces which are in their natural home and natural form. Hyperspace
is based of how things change as we change the number of dimensions, it is
clear an increase in dimensions is an increase in the quality we view the
universe in, this can be demonstrated by comparing our self to a two-dimensional
creature. For Hyperspace to be experimented, the ability to see higher
dimensions is needed. When Freund was asked why we can’t see these higher
dimensions, he responded with, because these higher dimensions have been “curled
up” into tiny ball so small that they can no longer be detected, according to
Freund the size of the of these curled dimensions is called Planck Length. He
believed dimensions get smaller as they increase, so we are tiny ball in a
two-dimensional world. There is still debate on this and its reasoning behind

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When searching up “Hyperspace” in a search engine it comes up with
pictures that look liked traveling through stars or in a portal, which is a
reference from a sci-fi movie, this is due to the fact there is no pictures of
Hyperspace or how it looks like, since we are unable to see. For a better
realization of higher dimensions best way is to look back at lower dimensions.
The world we live in contains 3 spatial dimensions (?3), this is
illustrated by looking at anything. Everything in this universe has a width,
length and a depth. No single object lacks any of this dimensions in our world.
Now what would happen if we lacked one of this in our universe, how different
would it look like. This is the two-dimensional world, or Flatland, creatures
of this universe can’t even eat since a digestive system would cut them in