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When a traveler plans to go on a trip to Europe one of the hardest decisions they have to make is which cities to visit and which they should pass up on. Unless he or she has unlimited time and money, chances are some cities are going to get left off the itinerary. Cutting down on travel time by using a service like a Vienna airport transfer is an excellent way to save time on travel and get right to the exciting part of the trip. Berlin is one of the cities that should not be cut from a travel itinerary no matter how limited the timeframe. Here are some of the top reasons to make sure to visit Berlin on a visit to see the best of Europe. See More Recent History Than in Other Locations There are many world class cities in Europe that beckon to travelers because of the historical significance and importance they hold. For younger travelers, it can be hard to connect with these spots where significant things happened so long ago. While Berlin has a long history, significant events like the placing of the wall and its subsequent removal happened just a few short decades ago. There are also numerous significant points for World War II enthusiasts to take in all around the city. Seeing these places can be a more moving experience than seeing a battlefield where a battle happened many hundreds of years ago for some travelers. Feel the Juxtaposition of City and Nature While Berlin offers all the hustle and bustle of a large city, there are also a significant amount of green spaces and natural features for residents to enjoy, including parks, lakes, forests and rivers. This gives travelers to the city the opportunity to experience the best of both worlds. The climate in Berlin is temperate most of the year, so visitors can get outside no matter what month they choose to visit. Experience World Class Cultural Events As a cosmopolitan center of art and music, Berlin draws aspiring talents and well known celebrities alike. This makes it a great place to stop in a small local bar and listen to an undiscovered band or see a world famous performer on a stop of their latest concert tour. Famous examples of multiple architectural styles are all around visitors, and storied artwork hangs in the museums all over town. Get A Real Taste of What Germany is Like For visitors who have never been to Germany, Berlin can be the perfect place to get a feeling of Germany’s cultural heritage and the modern, fast paced country it has become. With a diverse population that includes a wide range of Germans and immigrants, Berlin can offer visitors a unique view on modern German life. There are so many reasons to make sure to visit Berlin on a trip to Europe, and these are just a few of the top ones.