What working for them. That discrimination could even come

What exactly is discrimination? How does it affect the
workplace? Who does it affect? These questions carry a very distinct meaning to
them asking what discrimination is and does to the workplace environment. Discrimination can be defined as a less favorable
treatment towards an individual or a group of individuals at work, usually
based on their nationality, religion, skin color, sex, marital status, age,
trade union activity, or other defining attributes (). Workplace discrimination can takes more
open and threatening forms, namely known as workplace harassment. Discrimination occurs when
an employee is made to feel slightly or fully intimidated to gain their sense
of feelings, insulted to be ridiculed, or humiliated leading to unnecessary
problems in the workplace.

Discrimination prevention,
especially in the workplace, or what must be done when you become a victim of
discrimination. Every employee should know his or her rights when applying for
a job to avoid unfair treatment based on personal convictions of the hirer. People who discriminate others like this because of who
they are usually shown no remorse for another being that are more than
fortunate than them, but even more to those that are less fortunate than them
and needs the money to work there. That person will feel entitled to treat
people the way they want since they’re working for them.  That discrimination could even come from a
same level coworker. 
“While there are federal laws concerning discrimination, most states have
enacted laws that prohibit it. These laws may have different remedies than the
federal laws and may, in certain circumstances be more favorable than the
federal laws (J.A.N Lee, 1998).”

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The way discrimination
affects the workplace is that it affects a persons’ outside life from their
job. To be discriminated upon, makes a
person lose their moral sense and will to work, or even possibly live. When a
person feels the effects of discrimination, they take this feeling into their
household causing trouble at home. They figure that if they can’t react at
work; they’ll do it at home. They begin
to feel as if their self-worth is being questioned, and this causes “a negative
effect on both mental and physical health of the employee” (Etheridge, 2015). No one should be a victim of discrimination
because of who they are, but it happens to the best of them. The effects may
cause harsh results and seriously injure them, even cause a deep state of
depression, or death. They may begin to lose their focus on getting their job
completed and becomes challenged every day at work, and lose sight of what’s
important on what they’re paid to do.

If an employer knew how they felt about employing someone, and how
they’d treat them they shouldn’t have hired them in the first place. The
employer will be held accountable for wasting that person’s time while also
harassing them and not bringing in money to the business or company being too
busy discriminating them as if it were the employee’s fault.

No person should ever be discriminated against because of who they are,
and it gives the person who is giving them that treatment no fair power to do
so. An example of work discrimination is an employer denying
certain employees compensation or benefits because of their race, gender,
religion, etc. (Doyle, 2017). Additionally, companies are prohibited from
withholding employment opportunities from an employee because of his or her
relationship with someone of a certain race, religion, or ethnicity (Doyle,
2017). Laws regarding these types of situations have developed over time from
age discrimination to disability discrimination. They fight for a person’s
opportunity to gain a trust with their work environment.

Imagine working at a job every day and giving it all that
you’ve got, but no matter how much you give it’s never enough. You start to see
people who are less qualified than you are getting positions only because they
have the same beliefs as your manager. You start to now want to be there
because you are constantly being harassed for not meeting the standards of
upper management and messy cliques within the workplace. It’s not fair to not
get promotions at work because you are too young (even though you produce more
work than your older co-workers that hold seniority), not married or quite
frequently seen at most jobs because the color of your skin. 

If an employee feels as if they’re being discriminated
against, they should review steps to take to get a full treatment of fairness
and equality back in your workplace. First and foremost, you should talk it
over with someone you trust that’s not friend
from work, attorney, spouse, shrink, or whoever can provide you with
encouragement and good advice in your life. Deciding how to approach the
situation is probably the biggest factor in defeating discrimination in your
workplace. You must be cautious on who you discuss the situation with and
document everything. Getting access with a lawyer is the next best thing
because they could then contact the EEOC, who will then take matters into their
own hands. The EEOC has configured laws together to prevent any person
from in taking any type of discrimination because of who they are and what
their appearance to the world is. The EEOC “law
also makes it illegal to retaliate against a person because the person
complained about discrimination, filed a charge of discrimination, or
participated in an employment discrimination investigation or lawsuit (U.S Equal
Employment Opportunity Commission, n.d).”

Furthermore, upon completing my research for this paper and
realizing someone very close to me is going through this right now is one of
the most hurtful feelings in the world. Especially when I know she goes through
harassment and doesn’t quit only because she has 5 mouths to feed, which
includes mine. How many more parents like her are out there? They don’t say
anything out of fear of not being able to provide for their family. How much
more harassment and discrimination will they endure, before they are pushed to
the edge? Most people don’t speak up until they have had enough. By that time,
they can blow up and damage could be done, when they could’ve went to HR.  Some companies have it now to where you must
go through a proper chain of command, but how do you go to a supervisor when
they are the ones that you accuse of discriminating against you? That’s almost
impossible because they can say you are lying. 
Having proof of discrimination is so important. Without proof, your case
is more than impossible.

From a personal perspective, when discrimination has taken
place, it needs to go straight to HR and no one else. At that time upper
management should be involved and they should be made aware of the allegations
at that time. Co-workers must continue to uplift each other and stop tearing
one another down in the workplace. More time is being spent with co-workers
than with one’s own family. Make the best out of it, don’t be mean to others or
discriminate and just make it work. We are all different in some type of form
and that’s what makes a workplace unique.

In conclusion discrimination
runs against the fundamental values ??of a modern society. Discrimination is an
offense to employees because it is morally selfish, and throughout the world
today it occurs to many extremes in the workplace. “In fact, it is a threat to
democracy, which predicts the idea of ??a corporation where arbitrary hierarchy
and preference-based, for example sex, ethnicity, and wealth were eliminated
and an idea of ??equality (Tanu Priya, 2013).”