What when we start studying somewhere and we realizing

 What comes in
your mind when I ask study in top ranked university in USA??

Yes, Harvard,
Princeton, MIT, Stanford, Yale or Cornell University…

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These all are
top ranked universities in the USA and doesn’t need any introduction where
students come from across the world, representing diverse experiences,
backgrounds and cultures.

Have you ever
thought of applying to any of this? Lots of student underestimate themselves
and think only super talented students only get into to top ranked universities
in USA. Actually, all you have to do is correct preparation and may be some luck,

All the top ranked
universities in USA have programs like Bachelors, Masters and PHD. To seek
admission in any of this program all one has to do is listed below




 International students have to appear for any
of English language test.


If you are
management background student then give GMAT, for rest of the fields GRE is
required, both exams are for master degree program.


SAT: This exam
is for bachelor degree programs

Trust me all
these exams are really tiny part of your application because you also need to
submit you statement of purpose often call as a SOP


Statement of
purpose is 30% important for your application because this is the document admission
officer will see you as a person, when they open your application they see your
numbers, exams, results, GPA but the officer also want to know what type of
student you are, what interests you the most, sport, study or extra curriculum,
why are you selecting particular university only where there many other universities
offering same courses may be with lesser fees options or may be many more
things they want to know about you, So kindly take your SOP very seriously.



Another thing
you should remember that GPA should be relatively high to apply these top
ranked universities. If you think your GPA is low then your percentage, In that
case you have an advantage to explain why your GPA is low because it happens to
many of us when we start studying somewhere and we realizing somewhere the
subjects we have chosen are really not for us and that’s okay all you have to
do is explain it with valid reason.


Letter of recommendation


LOR play
around 10% role in your application so this means your should spend 10% of your
time in LOR

You should
talk to your recommender and tell them the questions that the university is going
to ask about yourself and think of the story recommender can tell about you for
example, how candidate compares to other applicants in similar areas?

Then they
should be able to give example from your student life or work life, Yes if you
are holding valid work experience you should include it, it is not compulsory
that letter of recommendation should be from the educational background.

Another point
where lot of students makes mistakes, the content of your LOR, It shouldn’t be
like this student is really good, very good in academics, we recommended him,
all these kind of motivational letters, that doesn’t make sense at all, because
university is receiving hundreds of applications like this on daily basis and
they are not interested in motivational letters.

What you
should tell is, some of your classroom example like it was cultural event at the
university and somehow any student supposes to help till late and you’re were
one of them and how you have handled stressful situation.




It is depend
on type of program you are getting into, but normally they would require one
page resume which talk about your achievements your career achievements.

When you are
talking about career achievements do not just write your duties and
responsibilities instead what makes you different in that position or how you
got promoted two times faster or may be some unique example of team work. So,
qualify your success and list it in your resume.




Hope this can
be useful to my readers, If you think you have low score but have something
that really makes you different from others then believe your instinct and
start your application today itself, I have met and known many people who are
studying with ivy league in USA who were not having those top scores but had
something which makes them different from others and they were able to get into
ivy league, for example you are holding an MBA degree with  no top scores but you have your own startup
experience then this can be helpful to you. People who are studying at Howard
or Princeton are not aliens they are normal humans like us, yes interacting
with them is always interesting, they have work hard and they are confident in
whatever they do.