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What is love? What is marriage? There are many definitions for love and marriage, that it is hard to give it a definite meaning. But we know that those two words are intertwined with each other. Love means having feelings for each other, having a special link with another. But in the 1920’s I believe marriage wasn’t founded on love, it a time where parents arranged marriages rather you going and find the love of your life. The 1920’s was about money and class, any opportunity they have to leave the middle or working class and become part of the higher class, was the an opportunity they would not pass.  We see the different types of love throughout the book; love of materiale, love of lust, love of the past.                Tom and Daisy were married with a kid. They had the strange marriage because they didn’t want to be married to each other. They both were cheating on each other. As much as they loved one another they weren’t interested in being a couple. Both of them had their reasons for not having a divorce. Daisy wanted a husband with a good social class, who was rich and was a respected man. Due to these reasons, she didn’t want to divorce him even though she had a feelings for another man.                      The love between Gatsby and Daisy was the forbidden love. They were in a relationship before Gatsby was shipped of for the war, during this time Daisy married Tom. Due to the fact Gatsby wasn’t rich or part of the higher class she didn’t want to marry him. Later on, when they meet each other after her years of marriage to Tom, all Gatsby wanted to do was show how he had everything she wanted in a man. He wanted her back desirably as much as Daisy loves Gatsby, she felt that his money was quick money and that he isn’t actually that high in the social class. Gatsby believed that if he had money and some sort of social class that  she would return to him furthermore marry him. Even though everyone believed he did something fishy to earn his money.                The relationship between Tom and Myrtle was an affair, for both of them. Myrtle was in a marriage with George who was Tom’s mechanic. As you can see in  earlier paragraph Tom was married to Daisy. Since both of them weren’t joyful with their marriages they felt that they can give each other what they could not get in their marriages. For Tom it was a person he can take advantage off because she was in a lower social class  she wants to an equal to him. Sadly for Daisy, she actually had feelings for him, but when they started it was because he was rich and he might actually somehow upgrade her social class; remove her from the middle class or the working class.               In conclusion we can see it is very hard to say these people are in their marriage because they love each other, it was purely beneficial to both parties. In the case of Tom and Daisy, she did not want to lose her wealth and her social class due to these reasons she isn’t with the man she actually loves. The interesting fact is that he loved Daisy due to the fact that she is everything he isn’t; respected, wealthy and high in the social class. When we consider Tom and Myrtle she thinks that if she is with a man who is rich and is in the upper class that she can be part of the upper class. This means that she becomes the person he is, which couldn’t happen. Feel like that marriage in the 1920 was based on personal gain rather than love. It was an idea that they all used to reason their marriages, even though they don’t have any feeling.