What Everyone despite what they’re going through should be

What is Tourette Syndrome?Tourette Syndrome is a genetic condition that involves sudden rapid unpredictable movements and sounds. It is referred as a “tic” which can occur through coordinated movement such as shrugging, blinking, tapping, and jerking. Vocal tics are done through sniffing, abrupt grunts, and shouting out syllables. Tics are usually noticed through early ages of an individual ranging between 3-9 years and it is more commonly found in male than it is for females.How is it contracted?The exact way of contracting Tourette’s is unknown, however there are links to it being caused by family genetics and conditions such as ADHD, OCD, Depression, Anxiety and Sleep disorders.SymptomsThe symptoms of Tourette’s are just different variations of tics, whether it be through vocal patterns or physical movement such as: Simple tics. These sudden, brief and repetitive tics involve a limited number of muscle groups.Complex tics. These distinct, coordinated patterns of movements involve several muscle groups.Tics can also make things worse for someone if they’re already dealing with other medical conditions and it can cause things like: Worsen if you’re ill, stressed, anxious, tired or excitedOccur during sleepChange over timeWorsen in the early teenage years and improve during the transition into adulthoodTourette’s seem like they’re worse than what they actually appear to be in my opinion. I feel like it impacts an individual’s life without any mean to control or limit it’s full capabilities. The unpredictable nature of Tourettes is the most severe thing about it,  the worst thing about it is that it can worsen if someone is dealing with other issues/conditions such as Depression, Anxiety and other disorders causing them to feel even more stressed and scared. Since it’s believed that Tourettes is mainly caused by the imbalance of too much dopamine, I think Pharmaceutical companies should start making different forms of medication to balance the neurons in the brain and how much of something they produce to numb the effects of the condition.I feel like we as a whole society should accommodate those that are struggling with this syndrome to their best abilities knowing that this condition cannot be 100% cured.  Whether it be through school grounds or work or anywhere, people should be helped for this instead of being treated as someone who’s just “not normal”. Everyone despite what they’re going through should be accommodated to the best of their being without being put down by others. With Tourette’s being discoverable at such a young age, it must be hard for kids to deal with this in their school life with peers, it may cause for bullying and families must be there to help their kids go through this process or even arranging alternative needs for their kids to benefit like everyone else in a judge-free zone. The severity of Tourette’s cannot be really controlled and it’ll cause some form of panic to an individual but they themselves must know that it’s okay. We should be concerned about this cause we need to know what we can do to fully cure this condition and know more about the roots and how it’s inheritance occurs.