What can get them specially packaged for rose day!

What is the meaning of Rose Day and why is it important?
Come February and suddenly love is in the air. It’s Valentine’s Day, and along with it comes Valentine’s Week. Seven days for expressing, sharing and celebrating love. And what flower says love better than the rose? It’s for this reason that we have a day dedicated to the gifting of roses. Rose day is celebrated all over the world, and particularly in India. If you are a college student, you will definitely be celebrating rose day this seventh day of February! On this day, people exchange roses in varied colours. The colour of the rose reflects its meaning (or so they say). Red roses symbolize love, so you can buy a bunch for the special man or lady in your life. Yellow ones are for friendship, so go ahead and get one for your best friend! Want to appreciate someone but find it hard to say? Gift them a pink rose, and you need not say anything. You don’t have to limit yourself to a single rose, or even a single colour. Gather up a bunch of them, tie them up with some satin ribbon, and put together a lovely bouquet. But isn’t a rose a gift too short lived? It withers away with time. Get creative on this rose day. Surprise your loved ones. Celebrate this Rose Day not just with roses, but with chocolates! Customize your chocolates, and make them look as you want. You can get them specially packaged for rose day! An ideal gift for your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife, or friend. It will be a rose day gift that no one will ever forget; you’ll always stand out as the one who had the cool gift for him! These days, it is easily possible to order such chocolates online, even in India.
Rose Day Special Gifts Online
What can say love better than chocolates? Chocolate is the epitome of divine indulgence. The perfect gift to celebrate your bond. This year, add that personal touch to your chocolates by customizing them and transforming them the way you want. You can choose the way they look and taste! ChocoCraft brings to you a wide array of exciting and innovative chocolate gifts. They come in all shapes and sizes. This year, buy a box of decadent chocolates specially crafted for rose day. They come with delicious fillings like roasted almonds, butter scotch, fruits and nuts, and are way better gifts than just roses! These chocolates will arrive at your (or the recipient’s) doorstep in an elegant wooden box. Bonus: they are 100% vegetarian, so you need not even think twice before buying. ChocoCraft also specialises in creating exquisite chocolates with a photo printed on them. As a special gift to the love of your life, you could gift him or her a heart shaped chocolate with a photo of you guys. You can also get messages printed on chocolates, and then put together a lovely little box for your friends! Best of all, you can get this done online, and have your gift shipped to all major cities in India. It’s really very simple: choose the design you want, upload your photo and a message, and your work is done! You don’t even have to worry about wrapping up your gift; these chocolates are elegantly packed, and you will get a package customized for Rose Day. And, of course, they taste heavenly. Get this perfect gift within a week, from the comfort of your homes in just a few clicks. 
Rose Day Gift Ideas
Why limit yourself to only flowers or chocolates? Love can be expressed in so many other ways, even with roses. You can use roses creatively and come up with some amazing gifts. Your gift could be a perfume, incense, or even a small vial of ittar. Get cool, trendy bottles with the sweet smell of roses. You could also go for clothes in the colours of the roses. You can buy any kind of clothing: shirts, jackets, skirts, scarves… the list is endless. So what if its rose day? You can signify your love with a red t-shirt, or your friendship with a yellow scarf. Some tops also have roses on the sleeves. It looks super cool. You can also gift a potpourri of rose petals to your near and dear ones. It is really a wonderful gift and provides a nice touch of freshness to any room. Roses are not just pretty and fragrant; they have a lot of curative properties as well. Their cooling, soothing, anti-inflammatory and mild astringent properties make them ideal ingredients in many body care products and herbal remedies. You can make rose infused oils, lotions, soaps, lip balms or bath salts. A quirky idea is to cook something using rose. The idea may seem strange, but roses add an excellent flavour to several deserts. You can make your very own rose petal ice-cream, jam, or rose milk. Add the food colour you want and make it pretty! You could also bake a red velvet cake with roses. The fact that you took the efforts to actually cook something would itself say a lot. These days, you get articles of daily use (pens, pen drives, key chains, mobile phone cases) in various designs and colours. Why not gift an article that looks like a rose? Or a mobile phone case with a picture of a rose?  A rose will wilt away, but this stays forever. Ultimately, it comes down to what you like and put your heart and soul into. As Shakespeare has rightly said, what’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. It is not your gift, but the feelings that go into it which count. The whole point of the rose day is to celebrate the eternal bond you share. So no matter what the gift, just remember that you’re always going to stay just a strong!