What and measure your progress. You will be happy

What is deliberate practice?

Deliberate practice is a specially designed activity
intended for the development of a particular skill. It is not enjoyable
for all because practicing the same thing for a long time makes you frustrated sometimes.
It takes your time, money and your energy but mastering a skill will give you immense
success. One study shows that you have to invest 10 years to master any skill.
Deliberate practice requires leaving the boundaries of a comfortable zone. Deliberate
practice is built on actions that can be repeated many, many times. This
is something that you can practice, practice until it works out. If you are deliberately
practicing then you should do progress otherwise you are doing everything

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Steps for deliberate practice-

Set specific goal

You should have a clear idea what skills
you want to develop. Don’t start practicing with confusion in your mind. You are
spending so many things to develop a skill so it should be worth it. You should
have clear ideas in your mind about your goals.  

Practice in small parts

Divide your skills into smaller parts and practice
it separately. And when think that you are ready, sum it up. Analyze and
measure your progress. You will be happy with the results of your progress.

Take feedbacks

You yourself can analyze your practice but it’s
necessary that you should have someone who can tell you the truth about your
practice. You don’t know what you are doing wrong, so who should have someone
by your side. Make a video or write it down so that you can get feedback later.
Use these feedbacks to get better in next practice session and one day you will
be master of it.

Repeat, repeat, and repeat

You have to repeat till you learn it
perfectly, and then you have to repeat till then when you get absolutely
comfortable with it.

Make it tough

Don’t choose the easiest task to do,
because for that you don’t have to leave your comfort zone. You have to choose
something that can get you out of your comfort zone. So many people don’t do deliberate
practice because it requires hard work. But the results are very pleasant and
will surely give you success.

Do with someone better than you

When you will see that the people around
you are better than you then you will automatically start practicing hard. So surround
yourself with people who are better and experienced than you.   


Writers don’t write from morning till
evening, they do their writing for specific hours with full focus. You should
also follow it, practice your skill, not for the whole day but some specific
time but with your full concentration.