What 2,300 Year Old Gymnasium Archaeologists recently found a

What Are Some Archaeology Finds Around the World?Sarah Parcak, an American Archaeologist, once said: “Archaeology holds all the keys to understanding who we are and where we come from.”Four Child Graves Found In Egypt A Swedish-Egyptian team working at the Gebel el Silsila site found four children buried in the Thutmosid Period around 3,000 years ago. One child was only two or three years old and was wrapped in some kind of organic material from the remains of a wood coffin. The second child was between six and nine years old and was found inside a wood coffin . The third child  was buried  between five and eight years old. Last of all, the fourth child is estimated to be between five and eight years old when he died. and the archaeologists do not know why he died. King Richard III King Richard III was the king of England for three years (1483-1485). Most people knew him for being accused of murdering his nephews to protect his throne. His reign was the one of the most vicious and cruel  of all. Archaeologists believe he has committed several murders, including his nephews Edward and Richard. Shakespeare described him as a tyrannical ruler in his play, King Richard III. But To objection modern scholars have pointed that Richard III had great leadership skills. Egypts Youngest MummyIn the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge, England is a miniature coffin that holds the youngest known Egyptian mummy. The coffin was made with cedar wood and was found in Giza, 1907.  The mummy dates more than 2,500 years ago! The mummy was 16/18 weeks old and died because of miscarriage. 2,300 Year Old Gymnasium Archaeologists recently found a gymnasium that dates back to the 3 century B.C. This is the first gymnasium that archaeologists have found. They think it dates back to the ancient Hellenistic, or the Greek, period. The gymnasium had a large room that was meant for meetings and was filled with statues. Next to the gymnasium was a 200 meter racetrack. They also had a dining hall and a courtyard. Archaeologists think this is a center for some kind of Greek learning. The Greek gym was a private organization according to the archaeologist Dr. Cornelia Römer. Young upper class men would undergo sports training at the gym. They also taught them how to read and write at the facilities. The facility was used for discussions about philosophy.Underwater Ruins of a Lost Roman CityArchaeologists found some underwater ruins of a lost Roman city, Neapolis, in Tunisia. Streets, monuments, and 100 tanks which were used to make garum, a fish-based fermented condiment that was used in the ancient Roman world, were sunk according to the AFP. This city was found after years of searching. The people of Neapolis suffered from this tsunami in 360 A.D. Neapolis was a major center for garum and salt fish. 2000 Year old Moa LegIn 1986 a few archaeologists found a claw of what seemed like a bird claw when they were digging down in a cave in New Zealand. After studying it they saw that the flesh and the muscles were still attached to it. Later the archaeologists confirmed that it was foot of an extinct wingless bird called Moa. This bird disappeared from Earth 2000 years ago! This bird became extinct because early humans started hunting Moa’s. People usually refer to this bird as an ostrich without wings.  Why should you be an archaeologist? Archaeologists learn about what people were like in the past when you weren’t alive. Like the ancient gymnasium, it’s fascinating that the ancient people had some of the same things we have in modern day.