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Week 3 Exercise 3Andrew E. DyarColumbia CollegeWeek 3 Exercise 3Describe an example of crime analysis results for both situational awareness and crime reduction purposes (any problem or audience) for the following data: Traffic crash dataUsing crime analysis to determine the number of traffic collisions in a jurisdiction over a set period of time can bring situational awareness to a law enforcement agency of the areas with the most frequent collisions. Analysts can also gather information regarding speed limit, where it’s near a school zone, traffic control devices, number of injuries and fatalities, etc. In an effort of crime reduction or in this case to reduce fatalities law enforcement can then implement a variety of different practices. A flashing speed sign using radar can be used to invoke motorists’ conscience, traffic control devices added, heavy police presence in those areas with a stricter tolerance on traffic violations can be used to combat traffic collisions. After some time has passed (preferably the amount of time that was used initially can be analyzed for after the program was implemented) the data can be revisited and compared in order to see the impact that the enforcement methods had on traffic collisions. Another example of us crime analysis in relation to traffic crash data would be the number of collisions in a jurisdiction involving motorcycles. Traffic Crash database or collision data could be analyzed to determine the number of collisions involving motorcycles, if the operator/passenger received medical attention and if they had been wearing helmets prior to the crash. Crime analysts could then project this data onto a graduated scale map or graduated point scale map in order to show law enforcement what areas were at risk areas for collisons. Law enforcement could then plan a response for crime reduction or in this case to reduce the number of collisions which would likely included, aggressive traffic enforcement focused on speed and motorcycle helmet violations, and/or check an area for blind spots/obstructions to vision that need to be fixed.Registered Sex Offender Data Crime analysts could generate a map showing registered sex offenders with a jurisdiction to bring situational awareness to a department. These maps would show officers where sex offenders are registered as living in the community and could also show data regarding repeat offenders and at risk areas. An example of this would be a map showing the distance between sex offender(s) place of residence and schools. A police department could use this data to increase their own awareness, inform school staff of their presence and if they are considered a ‘predator’. Officers could also assist school personnel on bringing awareness to the students on not approaching strangers. Crime analysts could also use Registered Sex Offender Data to determine possible subjects/person(s) of interest based on their distance from incident locations911 Hang Up Calls-for-Service Data 9-1-1 Hang Up Calls-for-Service could be used to determine the total frequency of calls, the reason for the call and if that residence/cell phone has had prior 9-1-1 hang ups. This would enable officers to determine if the incidents were domestic violence, burglaries, robberies or assaults. If a service station had numerous 9-1-1 hangs up — or similarly a panic alarm — then officers could approach that area as repeat victimization. Officers could increase patrols in that area to deter future criminal acts and decrease response time  This data could also be applied to 9-1-1 hangs up in residential areas to determine if the call was intended, accidental, misuse or malfunction in the phone line. If multiple 9-1-1 hangs up had occurred from the same incident location and had been a misuse of 9-1-1 or a prank then information would assist law enforcement in making an appropriate charge. I have also responded to calls for service for 9-1-1 hang ups at residences that either are abandoned or address that don’t exist due to inclement weather affecting the phone lines. If that was a regular problem in an area, a map of 9-1-1 hang ups could aid the department and the phone company in narrowing down the source of the malfunction to repair it.