Week the author describes, she frees her oppressor, forgiveness

Week 15 – Reading ReflectionFor this week reading, Jeff Chang focuses on Beyonce’s album which is called “Lemonade”. The album is of course about her encounters, she details Jay Z unfaithful on her. She would never do that in previous times, because she always desired that fresh king history. But perhaps she doesn’t care any longer. Also, she mentions throughout the album that dealing with your spouse being unfaithful is definitely not a advertising stunt. It is my honest feeling that she definitely is coming from a place of truth and honesty and openness about her personal experience, and I got that this was definitely the case with her choice of lyrics and given the tone and imagery of the piece. She’s sharing us a journey of her to healing from a devastating heartbreak via rediscovering herself in Southern Black female culture. As mentioned in the text “because we see each other from different vantage points of power, but that space where we come together, allowing us all to think about the ways we are broken and how we might mend the ways we break in each other, how we might imagine healing, reimagine history, and dream freedom.” Southern Black American women got described as most disrespected women, most unprotected, and most neglected. At the end, Beyonce freedom isn’t won by bitterness and revenge. As the author describes, she frees her oppressor, forgiveness frees her from her trauma as self hatred, destructiveness, and suicidal depression. The reason why her album named “Lemonade” is if life gives you lemons, make lemonade, with a moving story about her grandmother, delivering the below speech: “Take one pint of water, add a half pound of sugar, the juice of eight lemons, the zest of half lemon. I think this name is really meaningful, we just got to deal with whatever we have, and sometimes we just have to let things go. Similarity to how Grace Lee Boggs has put about revolution as next revolution might be better if we advancing humankind to a new stage of consciousness, creativity, and social and political responsibility. There’s no need to be won in bloodshed through war and the violent seizure of power.