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cancer rates have been increasing for the past few decades. The risk factor is
the direct exposure of skin lesions to UV radiation which causes various skin
diseases. Skin cancers are most common disease and are deadly to the human.
Early detection of skin cancer can be cured. With the latest technologies,
early detection is possible. One of such technique is artificial intelligence.
The dermoscopy image is given as input and it is processed for noise filtering
and image enhancement. Then the image is segmented using thresholding. A cancerous
skin has certain features and such features are extracted using feature
extraction. These features are given as input to the neural network. The Neural
network is used to classify whether it is cancerous or non-cancerous.

Keywords-skin cancer,artificial intelligence,neural
network,segmentation (key words)


Cancer which
affects the skin is called skin cancer. Skin cancer is of two types malignant
or benign form. Benign Melanoma is the appearance of moles on the skin it is
not a deadly one. Malignant melanoma is the appearance bleeding sores. It is
the deadliest form of all skin cancers. It arises from cancerous growth in pigmented
skin lesion. If it is diagnosed at the right time, this disease is curable. But
diagnosis is difficult. It needs sampling and laboratory tests. Through
lymphatic system or blood melanoma can spread to all parts of the body. So
automatic detection will be useful at these cases. Basically skin disease
diagnosis depends on the different characteristics like color, shape, texture
etc. there are no accepted treatment for skin diseases Different physicians
will treat differently for same symptoms. Key factor in skin diseases treatment
is early detection further treatment reliable on the early detection. In this
paper, Proposed system is used for the diagnosis multiple skin disease using artificial
intelligence and neural network.

This paper is organized as
follows: Section I gives the introduction about Skin cancer and features of
skin cancers. It also gives an idea about the Computer based Skin cancer
detection system. Section II describes the Automatic Skin cancer Detection system and various methods involved in the
system. Section III shows the results of the Classification system. Section IV

concludes the paper followed by

Detection of skin image

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C.    Segmentation

This approach is a displaying system that takes in a practical
mapping from an information picture to a yield picture. The information picture
is the first picture, and the yield picture is a division cover. This empowers
the system to show useful residuals, and additionally to supply higher
determination data to the yield layers, so as to enhance execution of the
system in contrast with systems without the skip associations. The exactness of
the division procedure extraordinarily influences ensuing component extraction
and order.


D.    Feature

     The highlights which have been utilized to
portray the skin sore pictures are depicted. In this work, we utilize shading,
surface, and shading histogram highlights to speak to injury zones. The purpose
of picking these sorts of highlights is a result of the way that shading and surface
are the main properties commanding in the sore region. Feature extraction is
the critical device which can be utilized to dissect and investigate the
picture properly. They include extraction depends on the ABCD manage of
dermatoscopy. The ABCD remains for Asymmetry, Border structure, Color variety
and Diameter of sore. It characterizes the reason for the conclusion of  a malady.

E.    Classification:

       Injury grouping is the last advance. So
as to arrange a picture grouping strategies like SVM method is used:



Bolster Vector Machines
depend on the idea of choice planes. A choice plane is otherwise called a hyper
plane that isolates between arrangements of items having distinctive class
enrollments. The isolating line characterizes a limit on the correct side of which
all s are GREEN and to one side of which all items are RED. That is all focused
on one side of the hyperplane are named ?yes’, while the others are delegated


The algorithm of SVM
classifier is given as

1.Definition of
Classification Classes –

upon the goal and the qualities of the picture information, the order classes
ought to be unmistakably characterized.


2. Selection of Features –

Highlights to separate
between the classes ought to be set up utilizing multispectral as well as multi-transient
attributes, surfaces and so on.


3. Sampling of Training Data –

Preparing information ought
to be inspected keeping in mind the end goal to decide proper choice tenets.


4. Estimation of Universal
Statistics –

arrangement procedures will be contrasted and the preparation information, so
that a suitable choice lead is chosen for ensuing grouping.


5. Classification –

light of the choice administer, all pixels are ordered in a solitary class.
There are two techniques for pixel by pixel arrangement and per – field
grouping, regarding divided zones.


comparision of various algorithms


A.    Fuzzy

In fuzzy logic algorithm, a combination of both ABCD
(Asymmetry, Boarder factor, Color factor , Diameter) rules and Wavelet
coefficients has been used to improve the image feature classification  accuracy


In this , the percentage of red, blue,
green is calculated using,

Red% = R÷(B+G)×100

Blue% = B÷(R+G)×100

Green% = G÷(B+R)×100

C1-GREEN  is calculated here in
order to     determine if R/B/G is
dominant over the other, Wavelet transform, Deconstruction, Reconstruction:  The wavelet is repeated as,

W(j) = W(j+1) + U(j+1)

Fuzzy interference decision system
will give us quantitative information about ABCD factors which is used with fuzzy
interference system further. Accuracy is 60% only.

B.    K-Nearest

remains for k-closest neighbour calculation; it is one of the easiest yet
generally utilized machines learning calculation. A protest is ordered by the distance
from its neighbours with the question being doled out to the class most basic
among its k separate closest neighbours. On the off chance that k = 1, the
calculation just turns out to be closest neighbor calculation, what’s more the
protest is characterized to the class of its closest neighbour.


The downside of k closest neighbours classifier is, it is
influenced by the quantities of features. The result might be because of the
solver whose undertaking in little component space is harder than in bigger
ones. Truth be told, as the dimensionality expands then the arrangement issue
turns out to be all the more directly detachable, which tends to facilitate the
assignment of finding a legitimate isolating hyperplane. Hence, the preparation
time will be longer when compared to SVM.

Neural Network

An Artificial Neural Network (ANN) is a data handling that is
roused incidentally organic sensory systems, for example, the mind, process the
data. An ANN is arranged for a particular application, for example, design
acknowledgement or information order, through a learning procedure. A prepared
neural system can be thought of as a “specialist” in the class of
data it has been given to break down.

case of a medical field, error rates of ANN were high when compared to SVM in
which 82.7% test set correctness has been achieved.

Support  Vector

are presently a hotly debated issue in the machine learning group, making a
comparative eagerness at the minute as Artificial Neural Networks used to do
some time recently. Far being, SVMs yet speak to an effective method for  general (nonlinear) grouping, relapse and
anomaly discovery with a natural model portrayal. Bolster vector machines are
an arrangement of related regulated learning strategies utilized for grouping
and relapse. Given an arrangement of preparing cases, each set apart as having
a place with one of  two classifications,
a SVM preparing calculation assembles a model that predicts whether another
illustration falls into one classification or then again the other. So, when
compared to all above methods, SVM is good to go.