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We are requested daily cleaning services for own homes, which include everyday cleaning work at home, whether, in single-family houses, apartments, villas, our baggage in the sector allows us to facilitate our highly qualified personal client and trained in most of the occasions, and the days of work are very varied, from two weekly visits of 3 or 4 hours each one full-time daily from Monday to Friday.Although we carry out maintenance and industrial cleaning services throughout Andalusia, the house cleaning service is only provided in Seville, which is where our headquarters are located, this is what we do to guarantee our client a personalized and satisfactory service, starting this with the presentation by one of our supervisors, of the operator that will perform the services in your home.We do not understand this service in any other way since our goal is to create a bond of trust with our client and to transmit during the initial visit, our commitment to the service they have just hired and that benefits from more than 35 years of experience in the sector.Working with Divel has ample advantages over traditional domestic service, in which you are responsible for everything that happens to you.•    Divel selects the staff for you, not having to take responsibility for the service offered by that person, because if you are not happy it will be replaced in a short period.•    You will not have to trouble about anything about the new law of hiring personnel for domestic service, all the responsibility in this regard belongs to us as a company.•    Issues such as a replacement for vacation or illness will be resolved by Divel, in addition to covering monetary compensation in case of termination of a contract.•    In case you have to make some assessment to the staff that provides the service, which always poses an unpleasant task, you just have to call the company, and we will send it to you.•    Let’s not talk about the uncomfortable situation, to have to dispense for the reason that is the services of a person, we from one day to another we remove the keys to your home and custody until we provide a new employee who will accompany in his presentation.Other advantages of contracting with Divel the service of your domestic service, is that it will have a wide list of complementary services that we offer, of which you can enjoy at the client’s price; floor glazing, cleaning of difficult access windows, cleaning of awnings, interior and exterior floor treatments, carpet scrubbing, upholstery and carpets, graffiti removal, cleaning and façade treatments, small renovations, removals, installation of any element in your home, arrangement of blinds, plugs and any breakdown that may arise, etc.