We positives and negatives that come with modern technologies.

We are currently living in the era of advanced technologies. Every part of our daily routine is occupied with technologies. From emailing professors, texting friends, and posting on social media. They are many positives and negatives that come with modern technologies. Some positives include using mobile devices to connect with family members living far away, the internet can help in completing assignments, and you can also you use technologies to learn new things. Negative impacts include spending an excessive amount of time on technologies, we all want the latest technologies which lead us to spend excessive amounts of money. Modern technologies have a positive impact on my life because it helps me complete my assignments for school, I can connect with my family members who live far away and it also has helped with the improvement of communication.

Modern technologies let me connect with my parents and other family members while away at college. Whenever I am feeling homesick or down, I can always face time my parents to help bring my mood up. I also have family members who live overseas, so by texting and emailing them, I am able to see how they are doing. Technologies have played a major role in how I get through a semester of college. With the help of modern technologies, electronic communication has improved relationships and also providing global awareness to international issues.

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Technologies play a major impact on how I and other students complete assignments. Like emailing a professor about questions, comments and concerns we have. The internet also plays an important role in when students are completing assignments like watching crash course videos about a topic we are confused about and it also helps us conduct research for essay and research papers we have to do. Technologies also help students who cannot make it on campus to complete class, but there are able to complete their work online. Technologies have helped students with collaborating on group projects using tools like Google docs and slides. We no longer have to wait for the next day or set up meetings to work on projects as technologies break that barrier for us.

Technology has helped improved communication. Communication technologies like dating websites and social media have helped make socializing easier for certain people. These websites also help you communicate with family and friends and help you possibly find someone for a relationship. They also help with bringing you closer to family and friends and strengthen relationships. Technology has helped remove a barrier from communication it is now easy and fast. If you want to reach someone you can just send them a text message or email.

The prevalence of technologies is constantly increasing. The way we use technologies and what we use it for can determine the impact it will have on us. Modern technology has both pros and cons; it is up to each individual on how they view modern technology. Technology will have a lasting impact on the world and it will continue to expand.