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“We are here today because we need to innovate on the gender equality,” says Elizabeth Nyamayaro, who heads up the United Nations Women’s HeForShe Campaign held in Helsinki, Finland in December of 2017. While a technology conference might not be the ideal first place you will look for inspiration on the gender equality in the tech sector, she impressed on her audience that as long as the struggle for gender equality is continually seen as a struggle between men and women in the workforce, nobody is going to win, because as the end of the day we all lose. With decades of academic surveys, research, federal and states government efforts directed to bringing more gender equality into the tech industries, the total amount to women in the software and computing workforce as steadily been on the decline, meaning something is not quite working as planned. However, my increasing the mentorship opportunities, having a standardized performance reviews, and proving the female entrepreneurs with more access to funding can reduce the gender bias in the tech jobs today.

A recent study by scientist at Yale University, found that more job offers with higher starting salaries were offered to jab applicants they thought were men, and that the software developers accepted 71.8% of the codes written by women they were not aware of their gender. But as soon as the gender was made available to them, the acceptance rates of code written by women drop by over 13%. Therefore, by employing the mentorship program to further guide the starting or junior women, this could mean retaining and advancing more women. This can only be achieved by first getting rid of the statistical barrier of the current mentorship program dominated by men, because once women are underrepresented on the senior level, many junior women will lack the mentors and motivation at work.

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            Women no doubt are already leading the way when it comes to making great progress in the scientific and technological sector, so showcasing their achievements through performance reviews will further boost the morals for others to follow. So instead of purely personalities reviews, having a review constructed over how well an assigned job expectations were wet will go a long way in reducing the gender based bias.

            Lastly, a study by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS), found that in a more traditional venture capital pitches, when both genders present the exact same content, the women are very much often viewed as less competent and considered to have less innovative and viable concepts to offer. So, by providing women the tech industries a new funding approaches can provide another alternative which can sidestep some of these barriers and multiple the ideas from women to accelerate the gender equality in the tech community.