Virtual based app which displays a superimposed view of

Virtual Reality (VR) and Mixed Reality (MR) have largely been associated with entertainment and gaming industry,however its immense potential for enterprises is the real cause for excitement. From smart goggles providing metrics,instruction and remote support to factory workers to virtual prototypes allowing rapid iteration, assembly simulation,advanced testing and remote collaboration, Mixed Reality has huge potential in enterprise solutions. Mixed Realitybrings forward opportunities that can potentially redefine business tools, models and business processes. Enterprisescan find benefits from enhancing communication to more effective training and product development, to improving thecustomer experience.MR can empower industries with unbounded communication and collaboration capability. The applications can rangefrom Face-to-Face meetings to mass participation through Virtual Conventions. Bosch Auto Parts has designed a ARbased solution for Daimler vehicles which helps first response support in case of accidents. Rescue personnel areequipped with smartphone and tablet based app which displays a superimposed view of the vehicle and help themanalyze the least dangerous vehicle part to cut into to rescue a passenger.MR is also revolutionizing the design, engineering, and manufacturing (DEM) professionals work. Virtual Prototypinghas the potential to shorten time and cost of iteration in product development as well as improve end product quality byallowing DEM staff to visualize the product in 3D. Lockheed Martin has saved nearly $10 million a year by implementingVR/AR tools in the production line of its space assets. In manufacturing, VR can enable performance and reliabilitytesting under every condition, far more cost-effectively, quickly and safely. The current platforming and tooling cost isexpected to be mitigated by the arrival of VR-As-a-Service. Safety inspections and routine maintenance at manufacturingfacility can be performed more efficiently with virtual systems. Virtual system brings the possibility of remote inspection,enabling timely issue detection and therefore preventing loss of life and manufacturing time.