UNIT to work all the parts of the body


Task 1: computer hardware and components.

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The computer is like human body for it to function properly
it needs to make sure that all the components and the hardware interact with
each other and understand each other, this leads to the computer to function
properly. Like human body if one of the part does not function then body sends
signals to the brain warning something is wrong in the body and needs your
attention form this simple action we understand that your body interact with
your brain and this means for your body to work all the parts of the body need
to be able to interact with each other and most of all the need to be able to
interact with the brain , and this also occurs for the computers, each
components and hardware are interconnected with each other, and for them to
function properly they need to be able interact with each other and most of all
of the components needs to make sure they are able to interact properly with
the motherboard.

Like the human body, the computer have parts too and each
parts is vital for the proper function of the computer.

Computer case: the computer case is the
case or box that contains, all the components and parts that make sure that the
computer is operating.   It is normally
made of plastic and metal at the front it has the on/off button and spaces for
the optical drives. Inside of the house it contains all the components such as
motherboard, central processing unit and power supply. We can consider the
housing as line of defence also as it protects the internal components from the
external world

Motherboard: this
component is considered to be brain of theppm1  computer, it is the part of the computer
that houses many important parts of the computer together so that they can
interact with each other. The mother board make sure that the it houses all the
important and essential parts of the pc, by allowing them to attach to the
mother board, this allows the different parts of the hardware to be
interconnected to each other, and communicate with each other so that the
computer can function properly. It also make sure that all peripherals are in connection
with the pc. Therefore we can say that the motherboard job is to allow the
different hardware, to communicate with each other.

BIOS: bios
stands for Basic input/output System. This firmware piece has a very important
role in the functioning of the computer, as it’s job is to always check and
control that all the hardware  and
components in the computer are working properly, and functioning at the best of
their ability, so that there are no problems when the computer boots up and makes
sure that runs properly(this process is also known as the POST process which
stands for POWER ON SELF TEST). The BIOS instructions to check and control
hardware systems can be found usually on ROM chip, which is called the ROM
BIOS. Because the BIOS and it’s instructions are   found in the ROM which is a READ ONLY MEMORY
it does not get affected if the computer disfunctions such as power failure. Because
it does not get effected by computer functions and problem we can say that it
is an independent bit of firmware that is immune to the misfunctioning of the
CPU and HARD DRIVE.  Overall we can say
that the job of the BIOS is to:

Turn on or boot up the PC, which in simple term
is the equivalent to turning on the PC.

The BIOS is the most important diagnostic tool
around that is available to the user as it makes sure that the integrity of the
computer is kept by checking actual hardware configuration data against
configuration data

The Bios is also responsible of controlling and
handling input and output of the PC. BIOS also the one that allows the OS to
use particular functions of hardware within a configuration

supply: also known as the PSU which stand for power supply unit. It’s main
function is to supply power to the various hardware’s and the components inside
the pc. The PSU normally come in two colours black or silver, and it is easily
noticeable in the computer case as it is the only box that has fan inside of
them with cables that are coming out of the box(these cables again play vital part
as they are the transport system through which the power is supplied to the
hardware and the various components of the hardware) .  in a pc we can find two types of PSU whom are
internal and external. The external
power whom is connected through a socket provides AC current normally of
average voltage of 110-220V. The internal power unit is the one that interacts
with all the computer components by supplying them power of average 5V-12V and
is supplied in the form of dc current. As you already noticed the PC and it’s
hardware and components works on DC and the power that is being supplied from
the socket that is attached to the wall is working on AC, therefore the PSU
must convert the incoming flow of AC POWER from the wall  to DC before supplying it to the various
components and  hardware of a PC. Once
converted to DC the PSU distibuites the power to the various components and
hardware via the motherboard, and the job of the fan is to cool down the PSU
and the computer while the power is flowing throughout the computer. To make
sure that the is no overflow of power voltage the PSU contains resistors that
make sure that each components are getting the right amount of power voltage,
this makes sure that the components do not blow up or fuses themselves.

Fan and
heat sink: the fan and the heat sink makes sure that the components of the
pc do not gets over heated which might lead to the automatic failure of the
components, while running. Various components such as RAM,CPU and graphics card
are seen as heavy hardware that while running they generate a huge quantity of
heat energy, as they are the main components of the PC that have increased amount
of power and speed inside of them. Because of these components bulding up to
much heat energy inside the case they normally effect the surrounding small
components that re not able to withstand these kind of heat energy and this
then leads to their automatic failure, therefore the fan and the heat sink