Tristan take pride in. Firstly, Canada is well-known for

Tristan Shum ESL D01BMs. Adorante29 January, 2018          Canada is Embracing its Specialty Canada has been named as one of the most beautiful countries in the world since decades ago, regardless of the wonderful environment it has possessed, but also the inner beauty of Canadians. “More Joy in Heaven” is a novel written in 1937 by a Canadian author named Morley Callaghan. The book reveals some of the good qualities of Canada although it is mainly about the tragic life of Kip Caley, the protagonist of the story, Nevertheless, this essay is going to focus on three qualities that are presented in the novel which suggested Canada is a country that its people can take pride in. Firstly, Canada is well-known for being a multicultural society, it prides itself as it is a home for people around the world who have different backgrounds. And to respect people of different background is the key to create a amiable society. In the novel, there are people who treat Kip well, for example, Father Butler, Denis and Julie.In spite of they all have different beliefs and backgrounds as Kip, who committed a serious crime and sent to jail but released to become a good man. Father Butler has witnessed the growth of Kip Caley and knew his feeling from the start, since he went into jail and after he is released and until he was died. He is the only one who tried very hard to prevent Kip from going back into his old behaviours, so he offers him a job to become a gardener at his house. Father Butler knew what was going to Kip. He was right. He understands Kip and continues to offer Kip a good source of help no matter what. Second, which is about Julie, the love of Kip. She helped Kip a lot in his whole life, which showed that the respectful and mutual. Although it had a bad start happened between them, they made it as a lesson to them and finally they accepted each other. Julie was a kind, and comprehending girl in the novel. As the author showed out, Julie always stayed with Kip when he was passing through ups and downs. No Matter what happened, they might always stick together as a care.Also,at the end of the story, Julie had done a really mighty movement, which is blocked the bullet.She yelled at the police,but went wrong. This showed that Julie loved Kip very much as it is not everyone can do it.The three characters mentioned in spite of having distinct backgrounds as Kip, but they still choose to respect and help him to adapt to the society after he is released from jail. And the good quality they possess is similar to how Canada respect and be friendly to people from all other countries. Secondly, another good quality that is discovered in Canadians is their acceptance to people in need. Kip’s dream after he is released from jail is to blend into the world and carry out daily tasks like a normal person. This is a way to restart his life after jail and to forget his dreadful past and he has reached to a point where his one desire is to move on. Julie helps Kip to accomplish this dream. Whenever he was around Julie he felt normal because she loved him for who he was and accept everything about his past. Julie also brought out the best in Kip. An example from the novel is when she was standing at the stove cooking breakfast he felt most normal. He described the moment as “a new and beautiful thing he has come upon and that he wanted to take away with him”. The interactions he had with Julie were warm and friendly and they all reminded him of his childhood when his mother would do the same to him. Moreover, Father Butler hasn’t given up on Kip although he had committed crimes in the past. He truly helped Kip to adapt to his new life after releasing out from jail. He also taught Kip how to face the new challenges he needed to overcome. And Denis, brother of Kip also gave his best to support and accept who Kip was although Kip had already ruined the reputation of his family. When Kip came home one day to visit his mother, who was extremely ill, Denis and Kip had a talk with each other, Denis asked about Kip and offered financial help to him since he knew Kip left his job a while ago. Similarly, Canada is an accepting country as we can tell by its response and actions to the Syrian refugees, who has experienced the worst humanitarian crisis in the world today. Canada provides generously support to the Syrian refugees who are resettling in Canada, including those living as refugees in neighboring countries. The Canadian government is helping them to meet the needs of shelter, food, health, food, and emergency education to Syrians affected by the crisis. Therefore, it is clearly shown Canadians have a loving heart to people in need just as how Julie, Father Butler and Denis helped Kip who was struggling to ease his new life. 1)Father Butler and Julie ? care for Kip (respect for cultural diff) 2) Acceptance Last but not least, Canada emphasizes on freedom and equality each individual has. After Kip is released from jail, he wanted to seek for a job that was suitable for him and contribute to the society. He soon learned that he was a good mediator after experiences with different people he encountered. He wanted to help his friends in the jail, where he wanted to be in the parole board to change some of the faults he saw while he was still in prison. Unfortunately, the judge did not allow Kip to work in the parole board as he thought Kip is still a dangerous person who is not qualified to do so. Kip is eager to fulfill his dream, so he tried many times to persuade and prove to the judge of what he could do to help people in prison to gain freedom and equality. This is to prove that Canadians have the intention to strive for freedom and equality for people regardless of various of backgrounds. Agnes McPhail, Canada’s first female Member of Parliament, was a maintain of improving prison conditions as Canada’s correctional facilities were much debated in the 1930s . She visited the condition in prison after the Kingston Penitentiary riot in 1923, she became an advocate of improving prison condition by starting a campaign to reform the penal system. Macphail thought corporal punishment should be reduced and prisoners should receive mandatory education like many people outside. She also argued that prisoners should have basic human rights such as total protection over their physical and mental health. She tried very hard to fight for the prisoners and gained more supporters as time went by. Finally in 1939,  the Penitentiary Bill recommended 88 changes to the penal system to improvise the rights prisoners have. Not to mention, It was only with the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms that human rights in Canada were protected in the written Constitution. And as our society grows and develops, we cannot rely entirely on tradition, therefore Canada is constantly reforming our laws so we can make sure that our system of law and justice meets the challenges of our society. In conclusion, Canada has given much people its friendly and accepting impression, it is a country that values people’s equality and freedom as well. From the novel “More Joy in Heaven” by Morley Callaghan, people who truly wanted to help Kip Caley have a reflection of the beauty of Canada possesses, where people value each others’ dignity an identity. Reference Callaghan, Morley, and Margaret Avison. More Joy in Heaven. McClelland and Stewart, 2009.