Toyota from this kind of recall. This can have

Toyota was forced to confront a
major issue. This was the unexplained acceleration. Which nothing good
results from this kind of recall. This can have a negative effect and affect
that loses your customer base. At best, it will just put doubt into the minds
of devoted patrons. I, however, believe Toyota would have opted to conduct a
secretive or discreet micro analysis initially to obtain information on the
who, what, when and where of where the issues originate. As noted above, a
private research analysis is where I conceptualize Toyota should begin. “A
descriptive study tries to discover answers to the questions who, what, when,
where, and, sometimes, how.” (Cooper & Schindler, 2018, p. 21). Undoubtedly,
Toyota should begin in this realm. Also, once revealing the areas of concern,
Toyota must transition into a lateral reporting study. Toyota can utilize the
analysis to contrast the numbers. Toyota will subsequently result in more sound
information and gain a more in-depth understanding for the analysis. “A
reporting study provides a summation of data, often recasting data to achieve a
deeper understanding or to generate statistics for comparison.” (p. 21). Toyota
will be afforded the opportunity to make more effective and educated decisions
from the information acquired from the study. Furthermore, Lord willing Toyota
will have a better to grasp as to where and why for the mechanical malfunction.
Also, Toyota will have the access to confront the issue and execute effective
measures to assure that this does not occur again. I would advise that the
final research to be more like a predictive study. This type of study occurs
after an event has happened. This study ensures the tools and resources to
problem solving. “A predictive study is used to determine if a relationship
exists between two or more variables.” (p. 22). When the analysis is concluded Toyota
will be informed on how to further address the issue at hand. Toyota will most certainly
be able to take advantage by applying these studies. Without a doubt these preventative
measures will equip Toyota to identify the trajectory of the problem, with the
ball in their court to address it.