Torque is disastrous. Can avoid disasters: If you do

Wrenches for Motorcycles

Most of you might think that
you can estimate proper torqueing with your hands, mind, and eyes andjust guess
the correct time to stop tightening a fastener. The feeling is so widespread amidthe
motorcyclists that no matter how much capable they are of torqueing, they fail
to accurately determine when to stop turning the wrench. And to get this
accurate timing to stop tightening the fastener, one needs a tool, that you can
call ‘Torque Wrench’.

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Hence I’ll be talking about
why do you need a torque wrench for your motorcycle in this write, and why is
it so important that you must add it to your toolbox.


Importance of Torque wrenches for your motorcycle


For tightening bolts and nuts:

Owning a bike does never
mean that you will use it for a few times. While you ride your motorcycle over
many miles, such tightening of nuts and bolts are required with a tool, asroad
vibrations cause fasteners to loosen over time. For this, you have to apply a
specific amount of force for twisting the bolt on the seatpost clamp to tighten
it, and to do that you need a torque wrenchfor the correct torque setting.


Can avoid under and over tightening:

Most of the torque wrenches
come in click sound system. Which means, you have to preset the value for
torqueing and once it reaches that value, it will make a click to notify you
that it has reached there so you can stop over tightening. If you tighten the
bolts with hands, you will barely get to tighten it properly. And the
consequences of over tightening is disastrous.


Can avoid disasters:

If you do not torque
properly, or torque without the tool, there will be chances where  components can come out loose while riding, mating
surfaces can be stripped or fasteners can break. So, if you want to avoid such
disasters, torque wrench is important.


Utilize the benefit of adjustable torque setting:

Torque wrench has an adjustable
torque setting that you can measure both in foot pounds and newton meters. In
motorcycles, most bolts and nuts have a torque setting specified in manual
which provide the same amount of force required to operate smoothly. And for
the best fit, with the correct amount of pressure, you need a torque wrench as
it is barely difficult to do it just via hands.



Wrapping up

So, these were the
importance of this tool for your motorcycle. Torque wrench is a very important
device that adjusts the tightness of nuts and bolts. With this tool, you can
fix the bolt via tightening it with putting a proper amount of pressure. Not
only that, such tools carry clicking system as well, where once you preset the
value, and use the tool, it will make a click noise to notify you that it has
reached the value. And if you don’t use it with such tool, then embrace
yourself to face a fatal disaster.