Today help young people establish a dynamic, personal relationship

Today spiritual driven leadership of youth ministry
is very significant for church ministry of Myanmar. Currently, Christian youth
are deeply influenced by secular systems and worldly desires. So youth are running
after popularity and looking for acceptance of their society and church
ministry. They want to involve in social activity, and they are ready to
contribute their ability to church ministry activities. 

According to Jeramy
Clark says, “During this age the Young people experience radical
transformations once they enter adolescence. They change physically,
emotionally, cognitively, relationally, and socially. They also begin to
develop their own spirituality. As preteens and teens begin to think
abstractly, they often reevaluate their childhood values. This opens the door
for parents, pastors, and youth leaders to help young people establish a
dynamic, personal relationship with Jesus Christ.”1

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 The researcher
agrees with Imtijungla Longchar when he says that, “What is happening to the
Christian youth today? Instead of turning the world upside down with the power
of the gospel, as the disciples of Jesus did, we have allowed the world to turn
us upside down.”2
There are many of young people who are
well educated and talented in leadership skill. They need to develop their
spiritual leadership ability to develop through practicing and performing in
the service of church ministry. Therefore, the churches need to give them the
position of leadership to exercise and practice their abilities and gifts which
the Lord has given them to do His ministry.

Therefore the church needs to develop
spiritual youth leaders to see that they have to provide the need of the young
star. Thus, to lead and to guide them is fully responsibility of youth leaders.
If the church could not understand the needs of what young people are lacking and
provide the youth leader there is no way to lead them into the truth.
Therefore, according to present situation, young people need youth leader who
can really lead them into the truth. Then only spiritual youth leaders can
approach to share the gospel and to encourage them. If so, the church has to
develop the youth leaders for the growth of the church ministry and to enlarge
the kingdom of God.

Therefore, the youth
they need not only physical effective leaders but also spiritual leader in
youth ministry to turn the culture of the world into God’s culture and we need
to be master of the situations of the world.

1.1    Statement of the Research Problem

Many youth do not interested attending
the church and they are outside the church. 
The church could not offer youth leaders to fulfill the gap of young people’s
needs both physical and spiritual. There is very less role and activity of
youth ministry in the church of Matupi. Therefore, if there are no young people
in the church there will be no leaders of the church in the future.

of the Research Problem

In Matupi most churches have a
department of youth ministry, but still they lack spiritual youth leaders who
can lead and teach the young people. Many youth are not interested to hear and
listen to the gospel and the message of the pastors in their churches. They
feel the worship service and message are boring. Because of the elders and the
pastors want to worship in traditional service. The young people are feeling
that traditional worship is uninteresting and unexciting service.

In the 21st century,
especially, the technological system was rapidly developed, and so within a few
second almost every kinds of information can get in their hands. Therefore,
they interest in model worship service with super instruments and using new
model facilities in the church worship service. So when the church could not
understand those things they are started to detach from the church.

The youth are consider as internet
generation because of they are more familiar and get more chance to meet with
all kinds of the highest technological systems. In addition, they are more
attracted and influence by all the various Media systems. Thus, today young
people are exposed different kinds of attractions in life both positive and
negatives sense of atmosphere. Therefore, they are confused to make right
decisions in their life and on the other hand they are looking for the one who
is going to lead them from disorientations. Therefore, if the leaders of the
church can help them to meet with what they are longing for and their desire it
will be great ministry for the church ministry.

Therefore, the Youth Leadership in the
Church is very essential and potential because young leaders only can
understand and help the need of young people and their intention. They only can
attract the young star to interest in church ministry activities and to
participate in worship service by using fancy facilities instrument. Therefore,
the church needs to develop spiritual youth leaders to lead and to help them to
develop their spiritual life.

Purpose Statement

This study aims to:

the Biblical conception and teaching on Spiritual Youth Leadership and

what are the significance and benefit of Spiritual Driven Leadership Youth
ministry in Matupi Church.

Research Questions

The basic intention of this research is
to answer the following questions that are fully connected to the challenging
that the youth are encounter with physical and spiritual affair and the
significant of spiritual driven leadership of youth ministry in the church of
Matupi. They are as following:

1. What is the true meaning of
spiritual driven youth leadership?

2. What are the essential needs of role
and nature of spiritual youth leaders?

3. What is the expectation of the youth
from their leaders and the church?

4. How to build up an effective
spiritual driven leadership in youth ministry in the church of Matupi.

Significance of Study

At present, 21st
century the culture of the youth rapidly change the world because of higher
invention of technology. Therefore, we can say that technology is one of the
most influential factors among the youth. Many of the youth are extremely
addicted with technology and even they could not free from their addiction.
Sadly some the youth do not aware of themselves that they are addicted.  As a result, they are not interesting the
activities of the spiritual affair. They do not want to go the church and we
can see rarely them in the church’s activities. Therefore, they need spiritual
leader who can understand their problems and needs and can help and bring them
into the knowledge of salvation. Therefore this paper will be much benefited
and helpful for not only the leaders who are working youth ministry in Matupi
but also for all the leaders who are working in youth ministry.

Ø  The significance of this research are
as following-

previous study done on this topic relation to Youth Leadership in the Churches
of Matupi.

will be greatly advantage to all pastors and leaders of churches to enlarge
their youth ministry view to understand more the nature of new generation and
their measureless leadership skills.

the young people will be motivated to know more how much they are valuable and
important for their Lord.

Scope of Study and Delimitation

Geographically, this research paper
will be focusing on merely the church of Matupi Township, Southern Chin State
of Myanmar. Therefore, this subject is not touching beyond the city of Matupi.
Thus, this research paper is purely dealing with the urban youth who are in the
condition of deviated from the church. 

Therefore, this thesis will be useful
and helpful for all the church pastors and the youth leaders to know more about
new generation’s ideology and their nature how to do the effective ministry
among the young people. This paper also will be helping them not to fail and
loss their vision which they have planned and to accomplish it. Even though
this paper is mainly focusing on youth ministry in Matupi, but the data and
resources which are collected will be surely benefited any other youth
organizations and church leaders to move forward better way of their mission.

2.      Research Method

This study will apply the useful and
rightful theological methodology to the vital point of spiritual leadership. This
thesis will be using the empirical method and secondary sources that will be
available books from library to be work done of this research paper.

 In order to make appropriate examination of
effective spiritual youth leadership the writer will use the previous
dissertation as a sample, Myanmar Evangelical Graduate School of Theology
(M.E.G.S.T.) library as resources center, Reformed Theology College library,
private library of friends, and Bible society, internet resources, lecture
notes, some articles and journal like monthly public periodical, Magazine,
Newspaper, and personal data bases.

This thesis will be divided into four
chapters. To complete chapter one to chapter three the researcher will be
mainly focus on secondary resources based from both library and internet, and
the last chapter will be the evaluation of the research questions’ from field’s

The first chapter is the introduction
of the whole chapters’ purpose and problems of thesis statement. The following
chapter will be discussed interestingly about the present challenges of
Spiritual Driven Leadership of Youth Ministry in the Church including base on
the physical challenges, mental and intellectual challenges and spiritual need
of young people. In addition, the next chapter three will be excitingly
mentioned about the essential qualification and significant of the spiritual
youth leadership in youth ministry.

Eventually, the last chapter four of
thesis will be the empirical method which is done by questioners’ interview
with 80% of the church pastors and leaders related to their live experiences
from Youth ministry in the Church of Matupi, and also including their
evaluation about youth ministry to extend better than what they are doing the
present days. This will be the end of my research paper.

Literature Review

This spiritual driven leadership of youth ministry
is mainly focus on the work of the Holy Spirit in the life of young people and
to transform their life to be Christlikeness and mature Christianity. There are
different leaderships in the ministry of the Church. But among them the
spiritual leadership is the most essential and beneficial leadership in the
ministry of the Church to lead and to change the life of the people to be real
the followers of Christ. According to George Barna, to be clearer the meaning
of Christian leadership is “someone who is
called by God to lead; leads with and through Christ-like character; and
demonstrates the functional competencies that permit effective leadership to
take place”.3
There are many leaders who are not called by God is not true spiritual
leadership. Thus the first qualification of the spiritual youth leaders must be
called by God appointed by God. The leaders who are not called by God cannot
change the life of followers. The leaders who are called by God merely can
transform the life of young people. 
Sander is exactly right in asserting that “leaders who make no
difference in their followers’ lives are not actually leaders. Secular leaders
may lead people to achieve their goals, even goals held by their followers. But
this is not the focus of spiritual leaders. Spiritual leadership involves more
than merely achieving goals. People can accomplish all of their goals and still
not successful in God’s kingdom.”4  Therefore, the goal of Spiritual driven
leaders is not just to archive the intentions and the aims of followers, but it
is more about changing the whole life of people into the kingdom of God. 

When the secular
leaders depend on their own intellectual knowledge, the spiritual leaders are
depending on the power of the Holy Spirit and work according to the will of God
the Father. According to Henry Blackaby,

“Spiritual leaders know they must give an account of
their leadership to God; therefore, they are not satisfied merely moving toward
the destination God has for them; they want to see God actually achieve his
purposes through them for their generation (2Cor. 5: 10-11).  Once spiritual leaders understand God’s will,
they make every effort to move their followers from following their own agendas
to pursuing God’s purpose. People who fail to move people on to God’s agenda
have not led….. When spiritual leaders have done their jobs, the people around
them have encountered God and obeyed his will.” 5 


Therefore, spiritual
leader always put God first and they work in relation to the instruction of the
Holy Spirit. In order to change the spiritual life of young people the leaders
must change first their life through the power of the Holy Spirit. The leaders
cannot get the power of the Holy Spirit by their own effort. They need the help
of the Holy Spirit to lead on the young people to another level of spiritual
maturity. Therefore, “Spiritual leadership requires superior spiritual power,
which can never be generated by the self. There is no such thing as a self-made
spiritual leader. A true leader influences others spiritually only because the
Spirit works in and through him to a greater degree than in those he leads.”6
Therefore, the Holy Spirit is the core of the effective youth ministry of the
churches to lead young people into the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. The
work of the Holy Spirit comes first and the ability and the potential of
leaders will follow and the great thing will be done by the power of the Holy
Spirit. Therefore, the church needs not only the leaders who can work very
smart in ministry but also the depending on the power of the Holy Spirit is
more significant in the youth ministry to lead and guide young people into the
right way in their life.

The leaders who are not
depend on the will of God and the Holy Spirit is not successful Christian
spiritual youth leaders. Furthermore, “Spiritual leaders work within a paradox,
for God calls them to do something that, in fact, only God can do. Ultimately,
spiritual leaders cannot produce spiritual change in people; only the Holy
Spirit can accomplish this. Yet the Holy Spirit often uses people to bring
about spiritual growth in others.”7 It
means, if there is no Spirit no grow in any churches of youth ministry. The key
to spiritual leadership, then, is for spiritual leaders to understand God’s
will for them and for their organizations. “Leaders then move people away from
their own agendas and on to God’s. It sounds simple enough, but the truth is that
many Christian leaders fail to put this basic truth into practice. Too often
leaders allow secular models of leadership to corrupt the straightforward model
set forth by Jesus.” 8
Therefore, today many churches need genuine spiritual driven leadership to move
on the ministry and the people into the truth. It is true that every ministry
and Christian leadership must be put in mind that whatever they do it must be
Divine Center. Then only the ministry of the church will be grow and develop.

The young people are
looking for not only smart leaders but also spiritual mature youth leaders.
This is very true that to focus on the essential of youth ministry is not just
to change the characters and attitudes of young people, moreover, but also to
transform their inner life of young people through the power of the Holy Spirit
is the main reason for doing youth ministry. According to Alan Stewart, “When
youth ministry is good, it is extremely exciting. There is nothing better than
seeing people come to know Jesus as Lord. There is nothing more fulfilling than
seeing young people grow to maturity in Christ. When all is said and done, it’s
great fun to work with them.” 9 In
addition, the leaders of the churches need to know that what the youth are
really needed in their life to become good Disciples of Christ and mature
Christianity. Really what Youth needs and wants is “to know Jesus Christ as
their Lord and Savior; to become holy, that is, to become like Jesus; to learn
and understand the Word of God and how it applies to their lives. However, if
youth ministry is built upon meeting real youth needs, the gospel will
ultimately provide what young people really need and want.”10  Therefore, if the church can provide
effective youth leaders in their youth ministry it will be the awesome for God
the father and the church too. Therefore, in order to experience true
transformation of young people is merely possible through the power of the Holy
Spirit and well equipped youth leaders by teaching the word of God. Roland D.
Martinson is precisely says that, “Faith plays an
important role in adolescent and young adult development. Adolescence is a time
of idealism, enthusiasm, and curiosity. It is a time of growing interdependence
with God and other human beings that calls for commitment-commitment which
springs from intellectual, emotional, and physical needs for people, beliefs,
values, and decisions. A lively faith enables adolescents to make this
commitment and formulate a philosophy of life that flows from an allegiance to
This is only possible to teach and equip the word of God to young people.

are many reasons for the youth to be absent from the Church, this is one of the
main reasons why they are not in the Church is result of less understanding and
awareness of the Word of God and the power of the Holy Spirit in their life. “If
we are to help our youth toward holistic discipleship, whereby they are
properly situated in subjective connection to an objective reality, we must
help them recover a sense of God as Holy Spirit. Such a conception will
counteract an understanding of God as predictable, utilitarian, distant, and
relatively impotent with an understanding of God as sovereign, and relational,
and point youth toward a sense of hope.”12

As we
have seen in the first part of introduction, the spiritual youth leaders should
not merely focus on spirituality of young star but also need to know relation
to the challenges that the youth are indeed experiencing physically,
emotionally, cognitively, and socially affairs. This will be essential useful
for the youth leaders to identify the effective method to approach young people
to draw close to the knowledge of the truth.

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