To water consumption and zero waste to water and



To archive
these targets and help Sri Lankan industries to reduce damage to environment,
Hirdaramani group is investing in CCC’s (the carbon consultant company) studies
to measure the carbon footprint of each factories in Sri Lanka.  CCC is an organization dedicated with aim of
helping south Asian organizations to devolve and communicate successful environmental
sustainability practices. By that Hirdaramani group is hoping to reduce the
damage to Sri Lankan environment and also to encourage other businesses to
fallow their path to go green.                                

As a part of
greening process uses by the company, hirdaramani group is implementing
skylights, waste elimination policies, evaporative air coolers, solar water
heaters and other systems in the all factories of the group. As a result of
that carbon footprint of each factory is reduced by approximately 50%.

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reducing consumption of energy and resources at an organizational level, as
part of that Hirdaramani is using most amount of energy as renewable energy.
Company is actively invested in hydra power and wind power generations with
help of joint venture formed with Vidulanka power plant. First ever hydra
project by hirdaramani and vidulanka is currently operating in Kegalle
district, which generate close to 4Gwh to the national grid. Hirdaramani is
also using their own Seguwantuvu and vidatamunal wind farms and power plants to
generate approximately over 52Gwh to the national grid.

group is heavily invested by both in capital and time to reduce waste
generation and increase the renewable energy usage. Company has launched a
campaign called “wipe out waste” in order to reduce the waste created by the
production process. As a result of wipe out waste project, their Agalawatte and
Mihila production factories contribute 0% of waste to water and landfills. The
main principle used in this process is “Hierarchy of wastes”. Which is reduce,
reuse, recycle and repair. Hirdaramani’s zero waste policy continues through
using the upcycling strategy to reduce the leftover materials from production
process. Scraps of leftovers of materials are shipped to china, where they are
pulped and shredded to be spun and woven in to new products.

The Mihila
green factory is focusing on three main areas, energy consumption, water
consumption and waste generation. According to the annual report of hirdaramani
(2015) , data shows that Mihila project archived 48% less energy consumption,
70% less water consumption and zero waste to water and landfills. All together
company archived 48% reduction of carbon footprint.

group is known for their well-balanced sustainability practices and economical
succeed they have archived over 100 years. Company is considering
sustainability as a major part of their business practice. At hirdaramani’s
main goal is to make all of their production sites eco-friendly. Which means
reduced damage to the environment. According to the annual report (2015) of
hirdaramani, company is reducing the energy usage by measuring how much and
what part of production process is using too much energy. (Electric motors,
water heaters, boilers etc.)  hirdaramani
conducting an energy audit to determine exactly what items and processes taking
up what percentage of energy usage. To reduce the energy usage of production
facilities company start by replacing old equipment with more energy efficient
equipment. As result of going green practice Hirdaramani invested and build the
world’s 1st custom green factory “Mihili”.

Evaluation of
Hirdaramani’s Environmental sustainability practices