To reactions in individuals. This information can be used

To further boost morale, increase customer satisfaction
and improve building relationships between colleagues and managers, it is
crucial to consider emotion and how these have an impact on the workplace.
Affective events theory (Weis & Cropranzano, 1996) suggests that events in
every-day working life trigger different emotional experiences and reactions in
individuals. This information can be used to help motivate workers through
positive emotions (Fisher, 2002) Furthering this, emotional intelligence can be
used to understand and improve performance and drive at work (Mayer &
Salovey, 1997). Emotional intelligence is often referred to as the
“ability to perceive, understand, assimilate and regulate” their own
and other people’s emotions (Mayer & Salovey, 1997).  Emotional intelligence training is a powerful
skill crucial in the work-force, helping to improve personal lives and careers.
An organisation without managers and employees with emotional intelligence
skills will not blossom. It is important to recognise the emotions of customers
to meet their needs and ensure they have a good experience.

It has
been highlighted in this report the actions needed to be put in place to
improve the organisation regarding the motivation and emotion of all employees,
and to help decrease the number of absences by improving both mental and
physical health. This report has also addressed how the organisation can
decrease the amount of financial loss and customers by encouraging employees to
set goals. The importance of manager and employee relationships has been
highlighted, with communication, support and feedback being crucial for the
stability of this organisation. Psychological theory and has supported the
recommendations made in this report, with evidence that the implementations of
the proposals will improve the entire culture of the organisation through
boosting motivation and morale amongst employees, whilst increasing customer
satisfaction levels.     

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