To: private engineering firm which aims to develop unique

To: Michael

Jansen Chu-shing Leung

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Analysis and discussion of three civil engineering job postings

January 17, 2018


The aim of this memo is to outline and investigate three civil
engineering jobs which I am currently eligible to apply for. Detailed
explanations on the company background, job requirements and job
responsibilities will be further evaluated and discussed. To add on, the most applicable
job that suits me most will be determined at the end with specified reasons.






Job Posting
1: Civil/Structural Engineering Intern at POWER Engineers


Company Background


POWER Engineers is an American private engineering firm which aims to
develop unique and innovative ideas to their loyal customers, in order to
satisfy their needs and demands, as well as to gain reputation in the
engineering industry. They mainly focus on sustainability in their designs and
projects, which is a key factor to succeed nowadays, since the concept of
energy saving and efficiency is prevailing at this moment.


Internship Opportunity


This year, POWER Engineers is offering a summer civil/structural
engineering internship programme for full time university undergraduate
students who currently enroll in civil/structural engineering programme with a
minimum of 2.75 in GPA. The main topic of this programme is overhead
transmission line, which is an essential component for the daily lives of human
beings, since it involves the transmission of electric energy for human use.


Job Responsibilities


Candidates will have the chance to design and analyze various overhead
transmission line structures, to determine different type of loads by using
their knowledge learnt from schools. They will be lead by an experienced and
skilled professional engineer throughout this job period.


Job Requirements


Regarding the job requirements, this program requires candidates to know
the basic knowledge of structural analysis and material science, which students
should be now learning at their universities. Other technical knowledge such as
the usage of engineering software (AutoCad and Solidworks) is also a
requirement of this internship programme. Students who can demonstrate
excellent practical skills like multitasking, organization, time handling will have
a greater advantage while completing tasks given by their employer.   


Job Posting
2: Civil Engineering Intern at Acciona Energy USA Global LLC


History and Mission of Company


Acciona is a renowned top-leading international business corporation headquartered
in Madrid, Spain. They are capable for building and handling infrastructures,
sustainable engineering designs and water plants. The company’s origin can be
traced back to the 1860s, when the company’s name was initially “MZOV”. After
100 years of development and expansion, the company was renamed as “Acciona”
and it was expanded to all corners of the globe. Acciona is responsible for a
multitude of major infrastructures in the world, such as Torre Europa in Madrid
and Ting Kau Bridge in Hong Kong. They have a strong will to make influence on
the present and future world, by improving the living standards of people in a
sustainable aspect and manner.


Internship Opportunity


Currently, Acciona is offering an internship opportunity for civil
engineering students, with the purpose of helping candidates to familiarize
themselves with the working environment of professional engineers, and
assisting candidates to gain experience in job-related field, which is
advantageous for their future career.




Job Duties


The nature of work in this program is team-based. In other words,
candidates will be working in groups to handle a large variety of job duties, which
include designing blueprints of a structure, estimating cost of design and
maintenance, handling and reporting data, etc. Selected candidates may also
have a chance to interact with customers and other professionals such as
architects and surveyors.


Job Qualifications


A strong team player who has excellent communication and leadership
skills is preferred, since this job requires not only individual contribution,
but also the combination of team effort, team moral and team spirit. In
addition, students applying for this job should have the ability to speak and
write English fluently and competently, as the medium of communication and
instruction throughout the entire job is English. As a consequence, international
students who seldom speak and write English should start figuring out ways to
improve their English level, on the part of preparing for their job interview,
in order to influence their interviewer, and ultimately, get a job offer.


Job Posting
3: Civil Engineering Internship Programme at CLP


Contributions of Company


China Light and Power Co Ltd (CLP). is a company in Hong Kong which is
well-known in providing electricity service to the Chinese market. Throughout
the 100 years since its establishment, they have built numerous coal-fired and
fossil fuel power stations in Asia. In recent years, they are starting to
develop alternatives by using different types of renewable energies, such as
wind, solar and nuclear energy, in pursuance of meeting the environmental and
sustainable demand nowadays.


Internship Opportunity


In the upcoming summer, CLP is offering an internship programme which
covers a wide range of scope, such as business, engineering, marketing for
undergraduate university students. As a civil engineering student, I opt to
choose the civil engineering internship programme that will last for 12-months.
The ultimate goal of establishing the internship programme is to provide a
nurturing environment for undergraduate students to get themselves involved in
the working field and community where they most likely will experience in their
future career. Besides, CLP opts to help students gaining satisfaction when working
with different professionals throughout the work period.


Job Description


Candidates participating in this programme are responsible for a huge
project that involves the reconstruction and refurbishment of several ash
collecting systems, which are located at a power station near the sea. They are
found massively damaged and deteriorated in some essential parts, which will
affect their overall efficiency and performance. Subsequently, this situation
should be handled as soon as possible to avoid unpredictable incidents to
occur. Throughout the work period, candidates are required to redesign new
power caps that are applicable for the ash collecting systems, together with
connecting the freshly renewed systems to the main electric power system.


Job Specifications