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To practice safe
driving should be of utmost importance to all drivers on the road. Millions of
lives around the world are lost each year due to distracted driving. One of the
main causes behind this distraction is due to texting while driving. According
to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), “distracted driving
causes 1.6 million crashes each year and 17% of all caused injuries.” Some
other reasons behind distracted driving include eating/drinking, talking on the
cellphone and etc. Fortunately, there are ways to practice safe driving by
turning off all mobile devices when driving, educating others about the dangers
of distracted driving through campaigns and social networking sites and by
being a good examples to others.

          I practice safe driving by putting my
phone on silent or turning it off completely while I drive. Texting while
driving is the greatest concern for me thus, by disabling my phone I am able to
avoid the temptation to check my phone while I drive. For those who need their
phones turned on, in case, they receive an important call, should either park
on the side of the road to attend an important phone call or install
applications such as AT&T Drive Mode, Cellcontrol and Live2Txt on their
phones that will help them get rid of this habit. The purpose of these apps is
to monitor the activities of drivers and provide a real-time feedback about
their driving. Drivers can also take pledges and block other apps that might
cause distraction while on the road. Recently, Snapchat has been the app used
mostly by teenagers while driving. Teenagers are taking ‘snaps’ of themselves
while they drive which is extremely dangerous and possibly worse than texting
while driving. To avoid the temptation to snap and drive, safe driving apps
will serve beneficial to those who are unable to resist otherwise.

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          Furthermore, safe driving can also be
enforced while being a passenger in someone else’s vehicle. Most importantly,
precautions can be taken by individuals to make sure they arrive to their
destinations safely. When I am in a vehicle with someone else, I make sure to
buckle my seatbelt and advise others to do the same. This guarantees additional
protection in case of an accident.  I
also ensure that the person driving is not distracted by anything. For example,
if the driver needs to use the GPS, I use it on my phone and simply tell them
when to turn. This is the simplest technique because it not only makes me feel
safe as a passenger but also keeps the driver focused on just driving rather
than being concerned about the route.

Lastly, members of the community can unite together to encourage safe
driving. This can be done by parents, students and teachers. If parents portray
safe driving around their children, then those children will grow up to also
drive cautiously. Students and teachers can also raise awareness of ways to
practice safe driving by promoting the use of safe driving apps, starting
campaigns and taking advantage of social media such as Facebook and Twitter to
spread the dangers of distracted driving around the world. If enough people
unite together for this one cause, then more organizations can be built towards
promoting safe driving. The purpose of these organizations would be to enforce
safe driving by blocking all text messages and phone calls until the vehicle is
stopped. This would provide a safe driving environment for everyone on the road
by significantly diminishing the 1.6 million motor vehicle accidents that take
place each year.