Title: teeth whitening treatment that would be most advantageous


Title: Bring Your Smile Back with Professional Teeth Whitening

Description: Five Corners Dental Centre’s teeth whitening treatment
is a quick, simple way to brighten your teeth and flash a brighter smile. Learn

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Ever gazed into the mirror and pondered
how your teeth became so yellow? A lot of us have. Yellowing of teeth can occur
because of many reasons like aging, smoking, wine, acidic food products, sugary
food and certain medications. Fortunately, yellowing of teeth is not an indicator
of some serious illness. And even though it may be disheartening thinking that
you’ve lost your dazzling white smile, the truth is that you can easily get it
back! We at Five Corners Dental Centre can help you find a perfect teeth whitening treatment that fits
your budget, requirement as well as your time schedule.

Our Teeth Whitening Process:

In just a single and brief
sitting with our dental experts, you can get those sparkling white teeth you
once had.

As a part of our teeth whitening
process, a bleaching solution consisting of 15-35% concentrated hydrogen peroxide
is applied on your teeth. Prior to applying the solution, a layer of protective
gel is applied on your gums. If required, we may also make use of a laser lamp
to expedite the bleaching procedure. Within an hour or maybe even less, you
will have pearly white teeth. So, what are you waiting for? Click here to fix
your appointment with our dental experts now.

This treatment is not only more
effective as compared to others with regards to teeth whitening; it also lasts
for a long time. Patients having stubborn teeth stains may be requested to come
in for another quick teeth whitening session. Our dental experts make use of
two widely-recognized whitening systems, namely the Spa Dent and Zoom!®.

We understand that every patient is
different from the other, and our experienced team will work with you to make
sure you are completely aware of the procedure and the results you can expect
afterwards. We at Five Corners Dental Centre help you in deciding the teeth
whitening treatment that would be most advantageous in getting your flawless
smile back. Call our dental clinic at (604) 744-4454 if you have any question
or would like to fix your appointment with us.