Till this day, there are still some people who

Till this day,
there are still some people who defy anybody whose gender identity or gender
expression do not conform to cultural gender norms. For instance, when Luke was
wondering in the abandoned town, there were words written on windows that says
“Gender Traitor” and “Fag Dies.” Another is the group that was with Luke as
there was a gay person trying to escape since it is illegal to be homosexual. In
the article of “Newnownext” a man name Jonathan Schmitz shot Scott Amedur and
killed him just because he found out that Scott was interested in him. Even
though President Obama supported the LGBT Community and we are learning to
accept them, there will still be people who are against this ideal.

Women and
children are the most important thing for the Gilead as they are the last hope
for humanity, especially fertile women. That is why in the episode; the nun
explains to Luke that the Gilead is capturing fertile women and is keeping them
in a total institution. Also, when Whitford took Luke and his family to a
cabin, he warned Luke to not let June and Hannah out of the cabin even though
the neighbors are miles apart as they are an important asset to the Gilead.

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For the people
who rebel against the Gilead or betray them gets killed and hung so that the
people who see them will not do the same thing. An example is the town’s people
who fought against the Gilead and Mr. Whitford who tries to help Luke and his
family to escape from the Gilead. In the book, Ofglen committed suicide as they
found out she was a member of Mayday so she killed herself so that the Gilead
would not find out about the Mayday (284). As for homosexual, they either get
killed or severely punished.

The theory that
mostly corresponds to “The Other Side” is conflict and feminist because the
episode shows the audience what the Gilead do to the female and their problems.
For the conflict theory, since humanity has declined exponentially, the Gilead
captures fertile women and kills anyone who betrays them without mercy. They
use their power to show who is superior, but not everybody likes the Gilead
ideas. The reason is that in the scene where Luke and his family was caught by
a hunter, instead of notifying the angels or guardians, he when to their cabin
at night and try to help them escape. Then there is Feminist theory where women
were not treated equally. The scene where June (Offred) and Hannah was cooking
pancake for breakfast, this shows the women main role and that is to only
support her family and do chores around the house. “In 2016, its been proven
that women spent more than twice as much time preparing food and drink and
doing interior cleaning, and over three times as much time doing laundry as did
men” (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics). Then in the book, Atwood explains how
handmaid is only able to get out to buy grocery, and they cannot read and write
just like back in the era when women do not have their rights (12). “Today,
even when women earn more than male partners, they still are likely to have
lesser status” (Allen, 2).

Sigismondi created this episode called “The Other Side” to show the audience
what happens to the people who escape and what is going on to the people who
rebel the Gilead. Not just that but even though America is overrun by a
different Republican, there are always people who will try to help people
escape like the hunter who found Luke and his family and notify them about the
Gilead and Mr. Whitford who help them escape. He wants the audience to know
that that you should never give up on what you want and never lose hope.