Throughout priest should try and do. Helping those less

Throughout the film, “Scenes From A Parish”, I was shocked
at how involved the pastor was in his community.  He really gave his best effort to connect
with all the people in the parish whether they were old, young, or anywhere in
between.  Not only did he connect with
people in his parish, but he connected with those in need.  By starting the kitchen with the goal of
feeding the hungry in Lawrence, Father Paul was able to give national exposure
to the condition of the poor and hungry in Lawrence.  Father Paul and many people in the parish
played large roles in getting the message out there about the kitchen and I
believe that this propaganda brought more people with hunger to the kitchen.

I feel that St. Patrick’s Church is
the ideal Church because it gives a sense of community, and they try to help
those that are underprivileged in their society.  Personally, being from a larger parish, I do
not get a large feeling of community. 
After watching the film, I feel that St. Patrick’s parish is the type of
community feel you should have at every Church. 
The pastor going out of his way to try and connect with every
parishioner is something that every priest should try and do.  Helping those less fortunate is something
that every Church should try and do. 
What made St. Patrick’s so successful in this endeavor is that they
started on a small scale.  They just
tried to help those in their community and did not try and start something on a
global scale.  Every parish should try
and do something to help a detrimental situation in their society whether that
be globally or in their small community. 
Overall, I really enjoyed watching the film and I feel like I learned a
lot about ways to help those that are poor and suffering.,  

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