Throughout of knowledge I had on the the shares

Throughout the stock simulation game I purchased eight different stocks. Some were relatively expensive, but the majority of the stocks that I purchased were less than fifteen dollars at the time of purchase. A few of the the most noticeable stocks that I decided to purchase were NKE (Nike), AXIM (medicinal marijuana company), and ATVI (Activision), GLW (tempered glass company), TMQ (solar energy company). I decided to go in more depth with these stocks because they had the highest impact on my final outcome. TMQ was the last and cheapest stock that I bought, unfortunately I purchased around 2,500 stocks at $1.01 and it slowly decreased to $0.81 so that greatly reduced my final outcome of my simulation. With Nike I chose to sell the stock halfway through the simulation. I bought about 45 shares at $60.45 and sold it when it spiked up to $69.37 on November 18th. The other stock I chose to talk about was AXIM, which is a medical marijuana company located in Washington. I decided to include this due to the fluctuation that it had throughout the months. At bought 200 stocks at $7.40 which then within a matter of 9 days shot up to $9.65. I was feeling risky so I wanted to see it keep rising. Unfortunately it spiked down to below $7 and only raised a few cents since then. The third stock in including is ATVI, Activision, which is a game developer. I invested in this stock because of the knowledge I knew of them. The we’re coming out with multiple games that were set to be big games of the year so I was quick to invest a majority of my money and I was not sad with the outcome either. The method I used to buy the stocks that I owned during the simulation was to buy low and sell high. Obviously that did not work because I ended in last place. The reason I believed it did not work was due to to the lack of knowledge I had on the the shares that I bought for the cheapest prices. Had I spent time researching the stocks I personally believe that I would’ve been very successful. However, due to the lack of time and effort I spent on this simulation my final outcome does not reflect my skills in the stock market and my techniques. During the time that I owned the stocks I observed them to be very fluctuant. Not one stock remained at a constant rate. They were all relatively inconsistent with their values. With the knowledge that I know now on the stock market I still would have kept the buy low and sell high technique. Now that I’m not limited with the money I can spend and the time that I have I will go deep into research on each stock that I plan on investing in to see whether it is predicted to steadily rise over time. I will also, if possible, try to contact the owner of the the business and talk to that person also. Purchasing stocks and bonds are not the only way to save for retirement, but it is one of the best ways in my opinion. There are many other ways to save for retirement besides buying stocks. Such as, a 401K from your work, setting aside money yourself to save up, investing in real estate throughout the country, and many others. It’s just personal preference on how somebody wants to save money for retirement. After completing this simulation it has taught me to not buy stocks that I have no knowledge of. Also it taught to not depend on people’s opinion on the internet about buying a certain stock because they said it was going to spike upwards. They probably only just say that to help them out in the stock market and do not care whether you make money or not. This simulation game will definitely help me out in the future because I plan on investing in stock as one of my retirement plans. I learned to go more in depth with stocks I will purchase and to not be so impatient when trying to sell stocks because they will remain going up and I will feel bad if I sell them prematurely and not make as much money as I would have