This to educational planners and administrators to organize workshops

This aspect of the present study
may prove beneficial to educational planners and administrators to organize
workshops for secondary school headmasters and principals for reducing their
decisional stress and enhancing their self confidence and leadership by
suitable interventional Strategies. Also, by regarding creativity- their
advantages and shortcomings, may be inspired to modify the maladaptive styles
and to switch on to desirable one such as choice or vigilant styles.        

       The Headmaster is the foremost part of
any educational enterprise.  Depending
upon his ability and skill, personality and professional competence, echoes the
tone and efficiency of the school. Schools rise to fame or sink to obscurity as
greater or lesser Headmasters have charge of them. Everything in the school,
the plant, the staff, the curriculum, methods and techniques of teaching,
co-curricular activities, human relationships bear the impress of the
personality of the Headmaster. The Headmaster is the Keystone in the arch of
School administration. He is the hub of the educational effort. The Headmaster
is a group leader who knows how to involve people, how to arrange conditions
and initiate processes that will bring out the best in each participant. The Headmaster
is the Group Leader to direct and stimulate group effort. In the School
Management, the Headmaster occupies a unique position. He is in the strategic
centre of a web of instructional relationships. He is the dispatching station
at the centre of educational endeavor. Head plans what is to be done in the
school and how. He organizes interdependent elements into a functional or
logical whole. Headmaster directs to get the solution of the common problems of
the institution.

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     The investigator while scanning the literature
found that hardly any study has been conducted on managerial creativity, self
confidence, leadership effectiveness and job satisfaction of school headmasters
with special reference to gender and length of service. The investigator found
that the entire field is unexplored and after making an in depth study of
different surveys, journal and other research inputs, it was found that there
is a gap in the area of  managerial
creativity, self confidence, leadership effectiveness and job satisfaction  in the context of school administrators. It
is in this backdrop, it was realized that a detailed investigation on this
aspect seems to be relevant and need of the hour. In a trend report on
Educational Administration and Management of Education, Rao and Sridhar (1997)
emphasized that “there is an urgent need
to undertake a series of investigations on, leadership and management”. In
the light of this research gap, it was realized that the present study has a
much broader scope and authenticates the need to carry out a detailed study.