This their language knowledge, bilingual people will also have

This paper is examining the effect of bilingualism on
children’s cognitive
development, and in particular, executive function. Different studies report
bilingual effectiveness in focusing attention, inhibition, working memory and
in ignoring incongruent information, and some studies show that people who
learn a second language are better at solving complex problems.  According to these theories, we assume that
Hungarian-Serbian bilingual children will also show these increased executive
functions. The 50 child participants were equally distributed
across two groups: Hungarian
monolinguals, and Hungarian-Serbian early bilinguals, based on the Language
Knowledge survey. The tests for examining
different aspects of executive functions are accessible from the Psychology Experiment Building Language and Inquisit 4
Lab system. On the basis of the results, we conclude that bilingual
children were more effective in terms of EF. Second
language learning in the sensitive period of second language acquisition will
secure more effective solutions and execution in more cognitive aspects.
Besides being able to create more social relationships due to their language
knowledge, bilingual people will also have advantages in many cognitive processes.

Keywords: early bilingualism; executive
functions; inhibition; monitoring; cognitive flexibility; cognitive development

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There was a view, that childhood
bilingualism has a negative effect on the development of the mind because the
two languages will disturb each other (Barac & Bialystok, 2011), and children would display mental
confusion or mental retardation, therefore, scientists have examined how the
simultaneous use of two languages (parents have different mother language,
using a new language in a new country where the person recently moved, or there
are countries where the official language and the language of minorities are
different) affect the development of thinking and language of children.