This the government either cut down on their NHS

This essay aims to prove
that Ethical issues is a useful tool for understanding the current impacts such
as state welfare allocation affecting the different economic aspects in our
society. This is subtly indicated by the way in which UK’s economy has been
struggling since the Brexit vote which has resulted in sluggish growth rate which
indirectly declines its standing as the leader against other powerful European
countries. A decision which has proved extremely controversial with its
citizens due to European Union sidelining Britain with trade deals and free
trading policy only accessible to EU members. Undeniably these play a major
role in the economy due to exports becoming extremely expensive due to the
currency dwindling and influencing major households to change their preference
in buying power affecting lower consumer confidence and higher inflation prices
which puts immense pressure on the government to increase taxes and inject more
money in to various public services welfare funds which need to be allocated
with people in crisis. UK provides many different types of welfare allowances
to its citizens therefore by helping them with improved lifestyle such as
Health care and Housing being the key ones and many more which are extremely
critical in maintaining physiological human needs.


Budget every year is set by the chancellor of exchequer to the house of Commons
outlining the state of the economy and the government’s proposals for changes
in taxation”. However, it is important to remember that welfare would be
allocated depending upon the funding requests submitted by the public sector
departments and the government taking the final decision after reviewing on the
vital needs required by each one of them. “2National
Health Service was an integral part of the UK’s economy in the year 1948”
especially when all the doctors were brought under one umbrella by the
government to treat anybody in need of medical treatment free of cost. It has
been shown that although this has been a very positive initiative by the
government we could argue that UK’s economic growth is very critical for the
survival of the institution with health care costs rising year on year with
figures estimated to the tune of “3£124.7
billion for the year 2017/18” meaning there would be many challenges to be
faced in the near future if it’s not dealt with on an emergency basis which
would make the government either cut down on their NHS budget or increase the
tax rates even higher.

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According to some expert’s “4Tens
of thousands of people are going through unnecessary operations which is
costing the NHS a fortune as stated by professor Andy Carr that there is no
significant benefit beyond placebo for many surgeries that have been taking
place for a very long period of time”. As this quotation points out that human
beings behave in a situational ethical manner meaning circumstances make them
behave in a certain condition rather than static manner. One should also
consider that ethically this is not justified towards other individuals who
genuinely require medical assistance but therefore have to wait weeks or months
in order to be treated which puts the doctor’s role under scrutiny as it’s
their job to keep the patient well informed about the next steps in to their
case and be extra vigilant if there are unnecessary operations authorized which
are incurring additional costs. Positive eternality points to the under
provided resources of the NHS as UK’s elderly population’s care costs a lot of
in comparison to younger adults. Governments aren’t investing enough money to
cash strapped health service which is resulting in fewer beds, nurses and
doctors which in turn makes delayed operations not adequate planning for the