This immigration we realize that someone in our family

This essay is about the four big waves of immigration to the US.  Immigration now is way different then it was. The immigrants used to have to go to Ellis Island and pass a number of tests.  Now the immigrants get a green card and come to the US no tests no inspections.  This essay contains paragraphs about the major waves of immigration to the US.  Once we can finally understand everything about immigration we realize that someone in our family immigrated too.  Before the first wave: A variety of people came to the United states before 1790. The first human beings in America  were native americans.  Sometime in the year 1000 vikings started to come to America than about 500 years later the European migration started.  When the Europeans were on their trip over to America it meant they had a lot of obstacles in their way.  There were a lot of diseases, seasickness, too many people,  and they didn’t really have a lot of food which meant that they didn’t really get that much to eat.  But traveling (even though it was rough) was better because they got to have religious freedoms and they got to have some of the land that was available in America.  Sadly when the Europeans arrived  there was conflict between the native american tribes and the Europeans.  The conflict ended in diseases and violence. But in other places in America it was very peaceful.The First Wave:From 1790 to 1820 there were a lot of people that came to America and they all came for different reasons.  America grew pretty quickly from a estimated population of 250,000 people (in 1700) to an estimated amount of 2.5 million people (in 1775).  The U.S. population in early 1790 was 49% English,19% African,19% Scots-Irish, 7% Scottish,7% German, 4% Dutch, 3% French, and 3% other.  The reasons why the immigrants came to America are for economic opportunity, because some of them were slaves, political freedom, and religious freedom.The second Wave:From the years 1820-1880 a variety of people came to america.  The irish, chinese, German, Canadian, Africans and Europeans came to america.  The chinese and some others came to America because they found out about the gold rush, others came to pursue dreams, and others came because of the fact that they didn’t have enough food so they came for agriculture.  When the chinese came they brought drugs and bad things and the Americans thought that the chinese would take over/ruin America.  The immigrants also faced a group of people called the know-nothings. The know-nothings were people that didn’t like the immigrants. There also was an act on nativism which is another group of people that opposed newcomers.Third Wave:The third wave of immigration took place in 1880-1930. The immigrants who were welcome into the United States were from the Middle East, the Mediterranean, Southern and Eastern Europe, from the British Isles, Germany, Scandinavia, Italy, Russia, and Austro-Hungary, and from Canada.  At this time the immigrants traveled on steamboats which made the trip a little shorter than before.  This doesn’t mean that the journey was easy or fun.  Most of the immigrants that were poor traveled in 3rd class the open area below decks with no cabin or bed. They slept on rough metal bunks and got seasick very often. During the day, the passengers crowded the deck to breathe in the fresh air, away from the nasty smells.  First and 2nd-Class passengers got off the boat at Hudson River piers right into New York City, the 3rd Class passengers had to get off at Ellis Island.  Then once the third class passengers got off at Ellis Island they had their every move watched, right as they got off the boat there were doctors watching the immigrants walk, breathe, and they were trying to see if the immigrants were “alright in the head”. If the doctors saw anything and i mean anything wrong with the immigrant they would mark their coat with chalk then as the immigrants walked farther they got pulled aside and were inspected even more.  If the immigrants had a sickness that could be cured at ellis island then they didn’t get sent back but if they had a incurable disease or sickness or even wound then they would get sent back to their country. This meant leaving their friends and family, they had to go on another long trip back to their country, and they couldn’t have the freedom they wanted. Fourth Wave:The Fourth Wave began back in 1965 and is still going on to this day.  The immigrants that came and are still coming to America are from from mexico, the philippines, korea, dominican republic, india, Vietnam, and from Canada. Most of the immigrants that came were refugees but some left because of wars in their country and others came because of religious freedom. When the immigrants came lived in California, florida, texas, illinois, pennsylvania, new york and new jersey. When the immigrants from Mexico and canada tried to walk over the border we tried to stop them by having groups of people go to the border and shooting at the immigrants.  Then later we finally dropped the quotas and all immigrants were welcome.The role of immigration plays a big part in the american story.  I believe that everyone (except for native americans) immigrated to America. If all those immigrants did not immigrate here most of us wouldn’t be here in America. The first wave tells us about how many immigrants came and why, the second wave tells us about how the Americans felt about the chinese and about the gold rush,  the third wave tells us about the process of getting through Ellis Island and how the immigrants felt about everything, and  the fourth wave tells us about immigration today.