There’s through “The Scotland of India” which gives you

There’s nothing more satisfying than giving your mind a good detox after a long stressful week of work and the icing on the cake is that we have a long weekend coming up and Here are our picks of some off-beaten places in the most famous destinations.South India -Ooty – Getting there : 560 Km from Chennai, 297 km from BangaloreStart off your journey by taking the alternate Kotagiri route instead of the slow paced Coonoor route for a peaceful and scenic journey as you reach the “Queen of Hill Stations” and enter the Biosphere of Nilgiris.Avalanche Lake 25 Kms from Ooty -The name itself should be intriguing to get you going. A huge avalanche shook this place for good in the early 1800’s and hence the name. What do you get from this palce? A Panoramic and Photogenic landscape with a massive crystal clear lake & exotic flowers surrounding it. Indulge yourself in various activities and camp under the stars with your buddies for a night here.Emerald Lake 20 Kms from Ooty -This is a gem of a place (pun intended) to visit and has been named so due to its Emerald like colored water of the lake. Take a break from riding and try experimenting fishing in this one among the least explored places in South Indian Hill Stations.Coorg – Getting there : 570 Km from Chennai, 250 km from BangaloreJourney through “The Scotland of India” which gives you everything except for snow-capped mountains that you would expect on an adventurous and thrill-seeking trip. Look away from the well known POI’s while we cover you through some unfathomed places that you should consider paying a visit before it becomes familiarized like the usual.Chelavara Falls 40 Kms from Coorg -The Chelavara falls is an unexplored wonder which requires a bit of off-roading to reach. Start off from Virajpet through the beginner friendly trail with little amounts of gravel and no slush. Tag along with your squad for guaranteed fun on the go.Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary Border of Coorg -Put your handling skills to test by tackling tight twists and turns all the way from start to end at a height of 1600m whilst it passes through the reserved forest of Brahmagiri and keep an eye out for Deer and other tranquil/calm animals wandering freely enroute.North India -Shimla -Getting there : 350 Km from Delhi via NH1 which is one of the longest and oldest highways in India, 115 Km from Chandigarh.Escape the scorching heat of the plains to “The Summer Capital of India” at an altitude of 2,206 metres and single digit temperatures with guaranteed snowfall. The places we list will push yourself and your bike to the limit given the freezing climate and extremely dangerous roads and will definitely be worth adding to your itinerary making sure you carry all necessary woolens, jackets, gloves and boots apart from biking gear to make up for its freezing climate.Hatu Peak, Narkanda 63 Km from Shimla -The road from Narkanda starts at an altitude of 2708m and goes up to a maximum of 3352m at Hatu-Peak with lots of twists and turns with tight corners all the way till the top which is a challenging route and you will be humbly rewarded with breathtaking 360-degree views of the surrounding mountains below once you reach the top.Pangi Valley 230 Km from Shimla -Bring out the adrenaline junkie in you and put your fears to test as you travel along one of the most dangerous roads in the world which takes you to the remotest region of India. Be advised that this route is recommended to experienced riders only which requires a lot of effort to be put into and the horrid roads won’t be forgiving your wrists all the way through the journey. Be prepared for any calamities that could occur right from roadblocks to freezing weather conditions all the way till you reach the end of Pangi Valley. Make sure you’re both physically and mentally prepped to be tested for 17 hours and carry loaded fuel canisters just in case. Is it worth the effort? Well, being a must visit at least once in a lifetime kind of destination; it is definitely worth if planned and executed well.East India – Darjeeling -Getting there : 600 Km from Kolkata via the well maintained and stress-free National Highways.Give “The Queen of Hills” the respect she deserves by paying her a visit this summer. Drool over the stunning views of the mountains and valleys all over Hill Cart Road a.k.a NH-55 from Siliguri to Darjeeling which has been re-opened on January 1, 2018 after a period of 7 years. Below are a few much more interesting destinations that you should definitely check out to satisfy your need for bliss.Mirik 60 Km from Darjeeling -Meaning “A place burnt by fire” in Lepcha Language, Mirik is located in the Indo-Nepal border and it is known for its astounding lake named “Sumendu” which you have to see to believe. Feel free to let out the wanderlust in you and explore the nearby surroundings as you camp for a night just to not miss the exquisite sunrise the next morning.Tiger Hill 22 Km from Darjeeling -Give those intense rides a rest and go on a peaceful stroll of 20 Km early morning, slowly climbing until you reach the Tiger Hill an elevation of 2960 Metres to find that fellow bikers have been waiting there since 4.30 A.M. Why? In order to get the awesome panoramic view of the sunshine illuminated peaks of Mt. Everest and Mt. Kanchenjunga together. Visit this place and leave as early as possible to escape from being caught up in the increasing morning rush.West India – Rann of Kutch 930km/15 Hours from Mumbai or 1200Km/20 Hours from Delhi -Rann of kutch would be that one destination on every Indian biker’s bucket list. Why? Because nowhere else would you get to ride on a 7,000 sq km dried up seabed. The Great Rann of Kutch is one of the largest Salt Deserts in the world which would bring out the adventurer and also maybe a stargazer which you didn’t know you had within you till date.Head here on a full moon and experience the glowing land all night till you realize that you probably forgot to get some sleep.The Great Rann of Kutch is a paradise for photographers and star gazers since it serves as one of the best spots to create epic star trails and long exposure photographs.Get your squad and pack all necessary photography gear as well as food supplies to capture all wonderful moments at the great ROK. Camping for a night over there is also recommended as it is totally safe and you would find many people regularly camping at certain hotspots over here. A well-planned trip here would create memories that would last a lifetime.