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There are a lot of lessons to be learned in the book “to kill a mockingbird,” including open mindedness, everyone is equal, morals, protection of the innocent, and respect everyone. This book not only shows you how they Atticus teaches his kids to do these things but how it can Affect the lives of Others too.  1. Keep a Open MindScout and Jem Were told by Atticus to stand in other people’s shoes. I think he wants them to do this so they can see things in there point of view in order for them not to judge. Its shown with the radleys are different they always have their doors shut and are embarrassed of letting society see them. When boo radley is actually just not understood the correct way.2. Everyone is equalEveryone is equal as a human being, scout and jem have the ability to see that but nobody else does. Tom Robinson is no different from anyone else. No difference between him and a white man. There should always be racial equality and maybe someday there will be.3. MoralsScout and jem find this lesson the hard way. Sometimes taking the high road means that you will get picked on and discriminated, but you should take it with a grain of salt because what your standing up for is what really matters. This shows when Jem has to spend the a whole month reading to Mrs Dubose. Jem,Scout and dill learn that they are always responsible for their actions, and that they should always do the right thing.  4. Protection of the InnocentAtticus main job besides being a lawyer is to protect the people that are innocent, Tom Robinson. The main point of this book is why it’s a “sin to kill a mockingbird.” It’s important not to judge people, but it is also important not to let them get charged for a crime he didn’t commit. This is why it is important that heck tate doesn’t arrest boo radley at the end of the book. They know that he was just trying to help out and protect the good people.5. Respect EveryoneAn example would be Atticus always referred ms mayella as ma’am. Even though she was accusing Tom Robinson of a crime he didn’t commit. This proves that atticus thinks that everyone should be respected even if they are not worthy of your respect.