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There are few serial killers who can compare to Magdalena Solis, or the “High Priestess of Blood”. Solis sexually assaulted, killed, and drank the blood of her victims with her violent cult in Mexico. She was famously known for her human sacrifices and sexual abuse. Magdalena worked along with her brother, Eleazar Solis, as a partner in crime, literally (Bianco).  By taking control of the Hernandez brothers’ cult, Magdalena Solis made a notorious mark on many people’s lives by demanding these members of the cult to torture innocent victims. Magdalena’s childhood reflected on the decisions she made in the future. Her dysfunctional, unwealthy family raised her poorly. Magdalena became a prostitute at a young age and her brother, Eleazar Solis, served as her “pimp” (Bianco). He sold her to close friends first, then to other strangers in Monterrey (Snipes). These two were in an incestious, abusive relationship according to Eleazar (Hendricks) (Snipes). As Magdalena grew up, she was challenged with obsessions and delusions over religious beliefs (Bianco) (Snipes). She also experienced depression which followed up with pedohilia, fetishism, and incest (Bianco). These mental illnesses are most likely the reasoning for Magdalena’s future actions (Snipes). In the early 1960’s, Santos and Cayetano Hernandez, brotherly criminals, moved to a small town, Yerba Buena. They chose this town because it had a low population made up of poor and illiterate farmers. The Hernandez brothers planned to present themselves as prophets and high priests of the Inca gods (Bianco). When they first created this cult, they demanded loyalty and money from their followers (Snipes). The followers were told that if they worshipped the Inca gods, there would be treasures waiting for them in the caves by the mountains. Since many of the followers believed this lie, the Hernandez brothers made them sexual and economic slaves (Bianco). This caused the followers of the cult to become more suspicious and question for their identity (Snipes). To distract their followers, Hernandez and Santos went to Monterrey in search for prostitutes where, they found Magdalena and Eleazar Solis (Bianco). Magdalena was very interested in the Aztec ideas and practices of human sacrifice (Snipes). The Hernandez brothers presented Magdalena Solis as Coatlicue, an Aztec goddess, and Eleazar as St. Francis Assisi (Bianco). The Aztecs used human sacrifice as a punishment and a way to please the gods (Snipes). Specifically, this goddess drank blood of her victims to stay alive forever (Bianco). The followers of the Hernandez brothers’ cult didn’t question Magdalena or any of the sexually perverted actions she made towards them, such as drinking their blood. People started to question Solis as these intense practices continued, and she demanded to have them murdered. As more followers started to doubt, she intensified their consequences to where people started to become fearful (Snipes). Magdalena Solis was known as the “High Priestess of Blood” because of the many harsh, violent actions towards the members of the Hernandez brothers’ cult (Bianco). When Magdalena took over the cult, two followers tried to leave, but she made her fearful followers murder them. After these first two murders, Magdalena decided to start practicing human sacrifices and blood rituals (Bianco). She thought these bloody, detailed, and tortorous acts were fun and entertaining. After Solis made her members beat and set her victims on fire, she drained their blood and poured it into a chalice for everyone to drink. She led her followers to kill at least eight victims and six of them were trying to get out of the cult. During her blood rituals, Magdalena would mix large amounts of peyote, a powerful hallucinogenic drug, in with her victim’s blood (Snipes). The people in the cult believed that this drink mixture gave them supernatural powers. After a few sacrifices, the cult decided to dissect the victim’s beating heart. Four people suffered throughout these sacrifices and lasted for about six weeks in 1963 (Bianco). In May 1963, Sebastian Guerrero was exploring the caves and heard sounds of suffering and pain. He walked over to one of the cult’s caves and witnessed one of Magdalena’s sacrifices. Guerrero immediately went to the police and described what he saw a “group of murderers who prey on ecstasy and who were gluttonously drinking human blood like vampires.” The police didn’t believe him so Luis Martinez, an investigator, walked him home the next morning to see where he saw the “vampires.” As soon as the police realized Guerrero and Martinez were missing, they decided to take a trip to Yerba Buena along with the army on May 31, 1963. The police arrested Eleazar and Magdalena Solis for possession of a great amount of marijuana on a farm (Bianco). They were joined along with forty other members of the Hernandez brothers’ cult (Hendricks). Many of them were shot in a police shootout, but the survivors had to serve thirty years in prison. After the police explored more, they found the bodies of Sebastian and Luis along with six other bodies from their past sacrifices (Bianco). When the Solis siblings reached court, the only proof available was the murder of Luis Martinez and Sebastian Guerrero because Magdalena’s past followers denied to testify against her (Snipes). The Solis siblings were sentenced to fifty years at the Tamaulipas State Penitentiary for two homicides (Bianco) (Hendricks). Magdalena Solis, a sexually perverted serial killer, had a scandalous legacy. From her family problems and early start to the prostitution career to her mental illnesses and drug addictions, Solis lived a challenging life. Her power with the cult and Aztec beliefs were the perfect outlet to embrace her troubles. Magdalena’s extreme human sacrifices and blood consumption is still thought of in the murder world.