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There are many different damage and deterioration of reinforced concrete structures such as mechanical loading, freeze-thaw cycling, fire damage, thermal cracking and electrochemical reaction,etc. Of all the deterioration problems of reinforced concrete, corrosion is a predominant cause. In most corrosion cases, cracking, spalling in concrete and delamination occur in the structure and there can be rust of steel and reduction of rebar diameter and cross-sectional area. Therefore, it can reduce the durability, corrode the reinforcing steel and ultimately cause failure of structures. Corrosion can strongly affect the structures’ long-term performance throughout the service-life and cost huge amount of money to mitigate and repair. Thus, the resistance and inhibition of corrosion to slow down the deterioration is getting increasingly important as it cannot be eliminated thoroughly. The corrosion of reinforced concrete normally initiates with the depassivation of the passive film on the surface of reinforcing steel, usually caused by chloride ingress.There are many techniques to protect reinforced concrete structures from corrosion such as concrete overlays, non-corrosive steel, concrete inhibitor, coatings,etc. This project mainly focuses on protective coatings of rebars. Coating for the reinforcing steel protects it from electrochemical reaction with ions hence prevent the corrosion process. In general, protective coatings are divided into two categories: metallic and organic coatings. Zinc-coating can efficiently delay and prevent the electrochemical reaction between reinforcing steel and electrolyte while it cannot perform well in marine environment with ultra-high chloride content and can only slightly prolong the durability. As for organic coating, epoxy powder coatings have been widely applied in reinforced concrete constructions due to preventing the ingress of oxygen, water, chloride and the electrochemical reaction. However, the key problem is how to maintain epoxy coating during transportation. Traditional surface coating strategies are facing more challenges and various new coating materials based on original ones need to be made,researched, investigated and tested.The aim of this project is to evaluate recent research findings of state-of-the-art protective coatings for corrosion controlling and to analyze, summarize the effectiveness of these materials. In addition, we will provide improvement and accordingly evaluation of coating materials to obtain stronger and more stable protection..