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There are thousands of possible niches in the modern market. Affiliate marketers need to choose the ones they will delve into and try to make money from. When choosing a niche to compete in, it will be interesting to know what niches other more experienced affiliate marketers are working with. So, here is a short list of some of the most popular niches affiliate marketers use in 2016:Health and Fitness: In recent years, much of the American and European public has turned to healthy living. This means many people are trying to eat good food, work out a lot, and supplement their diets with correct nutrients. This is why selling products such as gym equipment, dietary supplements or workout/diet/lifestyle books and guides have become an extremely attractive way of earning money online. There are many affiliate programs and networks dedicated to healthy living and you can always simply use Amazon or eBay affiliate programs to sell thousands of products related to this particular niche. One thing to note is that this niche is currently very well covered, which means there are many affiliates competing for a slice of the cake and it will not be easy overtaking this competition to start making money any time soon. Making Money Online: Another extremely popular niche in modern times is the make money online niche. This niche encompasses all sorts of money-making programs and guides to making money from home. You could be selling subscriptions to various training courses, long term money making schemes or you could be referring people to such sites and earning a part of their earnings. Although this is not strictly speaking affiliate marketing. Hobbies and Activities: Particular hobbies such as fishing, hunting, or tennis are niches where you will be targeting a very specific group of people who enjoy an activity and don’t mind spending money on it. By making niche sites about such activities and having them rank well on Google, you will be getting visits from some really interested customers who will convert well and potentially spend thousands of dollars buying products to use in their leisure time. Jewelry and Clothes: If there is one thing people, or rather women will always buy, it is apparel. You all know how many new pairs of shoes, pants, and hats your girlfriend or cousin buys per month, so why not have acut of these billions of sales a year. The apparel market is huge and with some creativity you may create a website that appeals to a certain type of shopper who will buy items from a site like Amazon. What is more, is that girls often can’t help themselves when they start shopping. So why not also get a cut from the multiple purchases they end up making the same day on Amazon that you never even meant to sell in the first place. As I mentioned before, 40% of all Amazon affiliate commissions come from additional products being sold to your customers within the 24-hour cookie lifespan. Gambling: A lucrative and long term affiliate niche is getting gamblers to sign up to an online casino, sportsbook or poker website can end up earning you revenue for years to come. While this is a fairly specialized field and one that may require some knowledge on the topic, organization of contests, leaderboards and other methods of sales, the potential returns can be truly appealing. Digital Products: As I mentioned earlier, some affiliate networks, such as ClickBank, focus strictly on selling digital products such as e-Books and online training programs. Such programs and products offer significantly higher affiliate commissions as there is no physical product being sold, no materials spent and no product shipping. This means their creators lose nothing by giving away more to the affiliates to incentivize them to sell the products. Selling such digital products can be very lucrative and in recent years we have seen more and more affiliates selling exactly such products with lots of success. Electronics: Quite clearly, the 21st century is the age of technology and promoting things such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, personal computers and software to your customers may end up making you piles of money. This is if you are able to appeal to one of the various groups of people who may be lured in by such offers. Electronics and computers may be sold through a variety of affiliate programs and networks so if you are someone who enjoys technology in general there is no reason you should not try selling some.