There influenced the way people think about written history”(Harris

There has always been conjecture concerning the facts of Shakespeare’s life, from the time of when he died until this day. Shakespeare provided much knowledge towards in development of the english language. Many words and phrases from his writings have become a part of everyday language. His concepts on subjects such as romance, comedy, and tragedy have formed the beliefs and morals of many people. “Shakespeare’s portrayal of historical figures and events have influenced the way people think about written history”(Harris 1). William Shakespeare’s life and career had a major impact on human language, mind and culture. William Shakespeare was born in a town called Stratford-upon-Avon which is located in the United Kingdom. His birthday is on April 23, 1564. Weirdly Shakespeare died on the same say he was born. He had eight siblings, but only grew up with 5 of his siblings because 3 of them unfortunately died in their childhood. His education is all a theorized due to fact that there is no trace of many records of his education. Many strongly believe that he went to a local elementary level school. “At age seven he entered the Free School in Stratford, where he learned the “small Latin and less Greek” attributed to him by Ben Jonson”(Bloom 1). There is no information on whether Shakespeare furthered his education or stopped to apprentice with his father.”Shakespeare disappears from the historical record from 1585, when his twin’s baptism was recorded, and 1592, when the playwright Robert Greene condemned him in a pamphlet as an “upstart crow””(Cook 1). No one knows what occurred during the time period of the seven “lost years” in his life. Some people have theorized that he might have studied law, worked as a schoolteacher, traveled around Europe or joined an acting group in Stratford. When William was 18 he married Anne Hathaway. There was controversy regarding them being together because she was eight years older than him. Their wedding was thought to have been hurriedly ordered as a result of her pregnancy. They had a baby girl whom they named Susanna. She was born in May of 1583. A few years later, they had twins named Hamnet and Judith February of 1585. Sadly, Hamnet died at age 11. Shakespeare was especially saddened by this because that was his only son. Shakespeare’s first plays were thought to have been written around 1592 when he was spending time in London. Some examples of his first literatures are, his very first play, “Henry VI, “Richard III”, and “Taming of the Shrew.”Shakespeare worked with other members of an acting group to build the legendary Globe theater in 1599. The Theater is located in London and is still widely used to this day. “Shakespeare composed the most famous of his 37 plays, during the mid 1590’s to 1612. William Shakespeare retired in the year 1612. A few years later on April 23, 1616 Shakespeare died of unknown causes. His death has always been a huge mystery from the day he died until now. His tomb is located inside a Stratford church. His grave threatens grave robbers with a curse if his remains shall be disturbed. It must have worked because even to this day his remains have n=been left untouched. Many requests have been made by archaeologists to examine his remains so they can find out what killed the literary legend. “In the 18th century, Shakespeare’s reputation grew, and he became an iconic figure”(Harris 1). Many people credit Shakespeare as one of the main creators of the modern English language. Without him and his works the language we speak today may not have been what it is. A great amount of people felt that he should be rewarded as a result of all his accomplishments and contributes to english society. “A monument was later erected to him in the Poets’ Corner of Westminster Abbey”(Bloom 1). He was not afraid to break the rules of classical drama or to challenge his audiences morally, politically or ethically. Had had no limits on himself or on society. Shakespeare was able to identify with, and write convincingly to all sorts of people, such as noblemen, poor men, women, kings, and people from other races and religions. Shakespeare’s composed writings that are as beautiful as a rose.