There consequences of the well known holiday, Black Friday.

There are many pros and cons when it comes to “Buy Nothing Day”. Some sides say that this holiday makes small businesses think harder about how limited the natural resources are. The others argue that a sole day of no consumers would put a minor business in debt. Yes it’s more than just a day but yes its kinda stupid.    A small corporation pushing rubbish for the purpose of a financial gain should reconsider its instruction. Today’s society thinks we have unlimited resources forever but that’s not the case, we are eventually going to run out. Restricted natural resources, poisonous paints and metals, high load transactions, and eventually nowhere to put in when it crashes. Yet we can’t afford to have small businesses to be in a very deep dept. The actual cause that the others are trying to tackle is that a keen economic theory from mainly corporate authority. Putting tiny corporations out of business would lead to many unoccupied businesses. Which is completely horrible for our environment.    Many say think of Earth Day. What does it do for us? What is the point of it? Yes it may be just one day out of the whole entire year but it reminds us to be aware of our environment and its current condition and what could happen in the future. The same idea goes with “Buy Nothing Day”. The whole thought of “Buy Nothing Day” is to substitute the terrible consequences of the well known holiday, Black Friday. For instance, brutality, increased debt, and demolishing our environment. All “Buy Nothing Day” is a prompt cash, and think about how people are affecting our planet. Yet some have to argue that nobody will participate. They say when trying to solve such a massive issue you must think outside the box.    Yes, I agree not many people aren’t  going to participate in this day but, I do believe it it worth a try. Just having a few people participate could trigger them to start going out there and make a change. It takes one person. You have to start somewhere, just saying it wont work and not trying isn’t going to solve anything. Will it have a negative effect on our small businesses? That im not sure but I feel as it should a risk we take because losing all of our resources that we need to survive is way worse the a business going into debt for a little bit. There won’t be a planet to have small business on if we continue on the path we are going.    Like I said… what is the worst that could happen. We are only going to benefit from it in the future. The whole purpose of this holiday is to benefit us not endanger us. It is to spread the awareness of over consumers. Not consuming because there is a major difference between the two. Over Consuming will eventually lead to the fall of this earth, for example you can ready start to see the effect of global warming from the trash us consumers throw away. So in the long run I am for “Buy Nothing Day” what is one day going to hurt.