There are many amendments, and each one is important.

There are many amendments, and each one is important. However, a few amendments that I found extremely interesting are the 19th, 15th, 23rd, 24th, and 26th. The 19th amendment states that women have the right to vote. The 15th states that every male, no matter what race, has the right to vote. The 23rd allowed citizens in Washington D.C to vote. The 24th banned poll taxes, and the 26th lowered the voting age to 18. As noticeable, all these amendments have one thing in common; they all relate to voting, which I believe is very important in today’s world. Voting changes the whole country works. In the United States of America, each president runs for 4 years. Some presidents run the county very smoothly, and others run a very rough presidency. The 15th amendment was ratified in on February 3, 1870. This amendment was mainly created for African American men, as slavery had just been abolished 5 years before. This law gave African Americans the right to vote. Although this law was passed, many African American men were still unable to vote. This was because of the literacy test, which was introduced in 1890. This was basically a test to suppress the black vote. Because most African Americans had been slaves before this, barely any of them knew how to read and write. To vote, you either had to pass this test, or your grandfather had to have been literate. Literacy tests were passed throughout the entire country, mainly being used in the South. This was because the South had depended on slaves for their economy, and once slavery was abolished, they began to want less for the African Americans. They tried very hard to discriminate against the African Americans a that time. Literacy tests were only one of the many ways that the Americans discriminated against the blacks. Other ways included forcing them to go to different schools where no white person went giving them a certain place on public transportation, and creating rules and laws that they knew former slaves would not be able to follow. The Voting Rights Act of 1965 officially abolished literacy tests and poll taxes, which were apart of the 24th amendment.            The 19th amendment stated that no votes can be denied or rejected because of the sex of the person who voted. This amendment was ratified after WWI. This was because of how important the women were during the war. While the men went out to fight in the war, women took on the role of the men. These jobs included farming, making weapons, and working in public transport, while also caring for their families. Before this, women usually stayed at home and provided their children and husbands with a nice dinner, and they usually took on the role of cleaning their houses. However, during and after the war, women began to show that they have the ability to do the same things men can do. They allowed this experience to help defeat the stereotype that women should stay home. Unfortunately, this stereotype still exists today, although women have proven that when it comes to work, the gender of the worker does not matter, and if women are given a task, they can complete it without help from men. It was after this war that feminism, the belief that women and men are equal and neither gender is superior to the other, began to rise. This amendment is extremely important in today’s world. It gives women the ability to say that they played a role is deciding who the president of the country is. Before this time, sexism was a huge issue, and it still is a problem today, which is extremely sad. If this amendment was never passed, women would continue to protest for the right to vote. The president of the United States of America runs the whole country, not just the men, which means that women must have the right to vote. As of 2015, women make up more than half of America’s personal wealth. Although the majority of people agree with this amendment, the topic of women’s rights sparks controversy every once in awhile. This is only because of the ignorance that many people suffer from. People fail to understand that the world would be nowhere near as successful if women had not been allowed to work outside of home. Also, many uneducated people misinterpret the definition of feminism, and instead believe that it is saying that men are inferior to women. However, this opinion is mostly stated by those who do not like to be corrected. Feminism is not that women are superior to any other gender, nor that women should have more rights than men, but only that every gender is equal, and women should not be looked down upon nor expected to stay home and cook or clean, because women are extremely capable of doing things such as farming, business, and creating weapons. Every human has strengths and weaknesses, and no matter what gender, each person can do anything if trying hard enough. Those that fail to understand and recognize the fact that the outside of a person should not limit what they are able to do should be categorized as unintelligent and foolish, because this should be the easiest concept to learn. The people of today are failing to teach younger generations that gender does not determine your future. Nothing would have ever been seen as possible if it were not for the women who helped during the first world war. All of this information was eventually recognized, thus resulting in this amendment being passed.            The 23rd amendment granted citizens in the District of Columbia the right to vote. Although this amendment doesn’t apply to the majority of people, it gave people located in the District of Columbia a chance to contribute in the decision of who leads America. This law was ratified in 1961. Before this, people in Washington D.C couldn’t vote because it is not a state. However, people located in this location had felt that they should be allowed to partake in voting for the president and other important positions. This amendment keeps residents of Washington D.C calm. It is extremely important that every citizen in the United States should be allowed to help decide who the president is, and the residents of D.C are not an exception.The 24th amendment, which I mentioned earlier, banned poll taxes in elections. A poll tax is a fee paid by people before voting. They were apart of Jim Crow laws which consisted of certain state and local laws that separated the black and white. These laws were mainly used in the south.. This law was ratified in 1964, one year before Jim Crow laws were banned. These poll taxes were used to prevent certain people from voting. People who wanted to vote had to pay around $1.00 to $1.75. This amount money was considered a lot at the time, especially to those who dealt with poverty. This drew a line between the rich and the poor. This law was created because of the 14th amendment, which states that every former slave and African American has their rights protected. After this law was passed, the confederate states had to come up with a way to discriminate against black people. To do this, they created the Jim Crow laws, which I mentioned earlier in this paragraph. The literacy tests associated with the 15th amendment are an example of Jim Crow laws. The Jim Crow laws were successful, and many African Americans were unable to vote. These were created in 1874 and abolished in 1965. The 26th amendment, ratified in 1971, changed a part of the 14th amendment. This amendment is divided into two sections. Section 1 states that votes may not be denied if made by any citizen 18 or older. The second sections says that the Congress is allowed to enforce this amendment if enough people vote for it to be enforced. This amendment was passed after the Vietnam War. This was because many of the people who fought for the Americans in the Vietnam War were from the ages of 18 to 21. Americans believed that if these soldiers that were younger than 21 could fight in a war and risk their lives, they should be able to help decide who the president of the United States of America is. The army needed people to help fight in the Vietnam War, and the best people to choose from were the younger men, as women had not been able to fight in this war but instead they helped out with supplies and treated those injured. It gave the youth community of the nation a say in politics, possibly having more unique and logical and reasonable opinions politically. These amendments could be what breaks ties between votes for the betterment of the nation. The unique beneficial elements the amendments bring to the nation are undeniable, and all result in a more improved society and constitution. They gave the entire society (from ages 18 and up) the right to include their valid opinions in politics in elections, which is essential for the development of the nation. They prevent  potential riots, boycotts, protests, and civil wars that may occur in future terms. For example, if the twenty fourth amendment was never ratified, the most probable prediction that can be made is that nobody will vote due to the taxes, which will lack political agreement  and justification by the nation due to the minority of the nation voting. Also, if African Americans were never granted the right to vote, due to the major population of African Americans, the country would most likely be brought into a civil war zone or would be filled with racist conflicts splitting the races, which would bring down the development and status of America. These many consequences may lead to the collapse and demise of the United States of America, which is by far one of the most developed nations in the world. One of the many popular choices of the most important amendments was the first, which I agree is a very crucial amendment consisting of five rights and freedoms. Although society would be majorly different without this amendment, I still believe that the fifteenth, nineteenth, twenty third, twenty fourth, and twenty sixth amendments are currently more important. If we weren’t granted the rights to vote, then we wouldn’t have the five basic human rights .  In this case, the first amendment depends on the voting amendments because we would not have a say in government to protect our rights. In conclusion, voting is something many Americans do every year to select the person who will guide the country for four years. As time passed, amendments were added to the constitution to decrease the amount of limitations there are on who can vote. These are only five of the amendments that protect American citizens’ rights.