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There are several reasons why I want to study in the UK. Firstly, by taking an education in the British Educational system that is highly esteemed in an international aspect, I will get a lot of contacts around the world. Not only that but also a fantastic opportunity to be able to meet new people and to learn about new cultures. These values are why I think studying in the UK would be the best choice for me.

 For many years midwifery and Social work have always been the great interest of mine.  What really impressed me is the fact the responsibility of these studies involves life. My mother has 9 children, and seven of her children was born in the war in Somalia in home birth. To be pregnant during the war is something pregnant women should never go through, and not to have the opportunity to get help must be one of the worst feelings for a pregnant woman. It is here that my passion comes into why I want to become a midwife. I want to be able to give something back to all women who are crying for help.  

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As Social workers, you support and protect some of the society’s most deprived and vulnerable people. It needs a requiring a high level of motivation and commitment. I have gained a lot of knowledge into mental health while working with dementia patients, and the difficulties they faced on a daily basis. And I would like to gain more knowledge on caring for people who are suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and families who are affected by.

Working with patients and their unique situation as a healthcare professional puts you in a unique position to truly make a difference to an individual life. I have gained confidence and experience when supporting a patient who is particularly vulnerable. On a daily basis, I complete a daily diary on a service user’s health and well being, their independence goals. I have learned how to support a service user with challenging behaviour to reach their personal goals with a calm and patient approach.
I chose subjects that I genuinely enjoy and feel motivated to learn more about.  I fully understand the responsibility and the professional, positive attitude as needed. It is not just a career for me, but also a dream. This education fits well for me since I like challenges. I like to work under pressure, both alone and in teams. Because of my passion and interest for this topic, I believe this will be a perfect study for me.

I have studied Medicine Secretary for a year at the vocational school. During that year, we have learned Psychology and Anatomy, Physiology and Disease Theory. From studying anatomy, I have gained further knowledge of human body, learning more about how our major body organs function and genes and genetic engineering. I have also  enjoyed studying psychology as one of my subjects, I have gained a better understanding of people and how their minds perform, and it covered a wide range of topics that relate to society. Both of these subjects tested my ability to recall large volumes of knowledge, which has given me practice for similar situations that I will face whilst studying for a degree. I believe this is due to my interest in health and it was these interests and my optimistic outlook on life that I decided to look at the health sector for a potential future career.

For the past five years, I have worked at various places such as the hospital, school, and kindergarten. During this time, I have learned to have more care for people. I enjoy working with people and as well as to have a job that is not equal from day to day. I am interested in general health. What are the differences and what makes us individual when it comes to health.  I am intrigued to finding all these answers and because of my need and interest in knowing what occupies our society. I want to investigate and learn more about it. The society and culture that we live in fascinates me.

My future goal when I accomplished  

I look forward to fulfilling my role as an eager young mind, at a top University, looking onward to a distinguished career within the health sector. I am also excited about the possibility of learning much more as I know the real learning will only begin once I have my degree.